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Everyone knows animation is just for kids. And so animated bunnies must be doubly for kids, right? Look at that cute dvd cover! Bunnies!

And that's how children everywhere learned to fear rabbits (seriously, I've had pet rabbits, those things can fuck you up!). And yet, it was awesome!

I was a squeamish child, so I had to watch most of this through my fingers until I learned the spots to look away. But I still watched it so many times I could learn when to look away.

There's just something about Watership Down. It's very much the opposite to Disney; many of the characters are hard to tell apart unless you're paying attention, the distinct lack of big cute eyes, the gloomy and subtle yet beautiful watercolor backgrounds, the swearing. I mean, how many movies got a blatant 'PISS OFF!' past the censors?

And yes, the bunny gore.

Cut for 'This got a G rating?' bunny gore )
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Well, since it is Panda day.


The second that shadow puppet style opening started I was really regretting not seeing this in 3D at the cinema. Or at the cinema period. Good thing for dvds!

This way for awesome! )
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Part 1


Even the strangely American Viking teens are enchanted by the cuteness.

Cut for more spoilers and even more dangerous levels of cuteness )
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Dreamworks can be forgiven for a cynical Holiday cash grab when it's OMGSOOOCUUUTE! So Much Cuteness! Must Cap Cuteness!

Cut for spoilers and cuteness )

Part 2
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Oh God, night shooting! Photos taken at the Enchanted Forest, brought to you by the words "stupid focus!" "Goddamn people wanting to get past me when I am trying to focus here!" and "OMG auto focus, you just went right past the clear focus you bastard!"

The next day I learned to manual focus.

Pretty lights and music )
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It has Johnny Depp as a lizard.

What, you need more than that?

See you on the other side. )
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I have a soft spot for this one. It has it's problems, the story is your typical coming of age, hero blah blah, and the pacing is off thanks to the inflexible run time that western animation suffers from not allowing it to breathe. But it is visually gorgeous and has owls stabbing each other!

Owls shiving one another has never been so pretty. )
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The Secret of NIMH contains one of my favorite animated heroines, Mrs Brisby. Even though it was made in the early 80s, it is still remains very unusual. Single parent households are not unique in animated films, it is pretty much a requirement, but what marks this one out is it is not the child who is the hero, dreaming of better things, but the recently widowed Mrs Brisby, a mature woman who's drive throughout the film is to simply keep her family alive. Her youngest son is deathly ill and cannot be moved, but with her home due to be ploughed up she must seek help, first from the terrifying Great Owl, eater of mice, and then the enigmatic Rats of NIMH.

This one is real nightmare fodder, with its impressively intense imagery of danger and death. This is driven home by how terrified Mrs Brisby is throughout, she is no brash, over confidant hero, but in spite of her obvious fear she does it all anyway. And that makes her all the more impressive in my eyes. She is also not an extrovert, large than life character, but quiet and unassuming, with a gentle voice and subtle character animation, who ends up saving the day for her family and for the intelligent and impressive Rats of NIMH.

Courage of the heart is very rare. )
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What to do when you're feeling miserable? Get your favorite scene in all recent animation and screencap the hell out of it.

This scene, God, the animation, the lighting, the acting, the tiny amount of dialog, and the music, so utterly, utterly gorgeous. And this is a Dreamworks animated film! Though it is also a film by the same directors as Lilo and Stitch.


Very not kind to bandwidth at 183! images. )
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Out and about today without melting, I was out with my walking group and remembered to take some photos of the Union Canal with my crappy mobile phone camera.

A gang waiting for victims to mug for their bread habits.

Not shown: the inevitable submerged shopping trolly )

And I still have spots left on my Drabble meme, so feel free to help kick my ass in gear and leave a prompt. Though I don't know if I'll get anything done tonight, too busy waiting for my legs to fall off. Walking is hard.

Edited to add a quick drive by plug of [ profile] misscam's Girl Saves Boy Ficathon.

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A tribute to the true hero of Ashes to Ashes. Spoilers for all 3 series.

One Car, One Legend! )
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The first season of the X Files introduced us to many things: the appeal of angsty paranoids and sarcastic doctors, amazing cell phone coverage and Vancouver pine forests. But sadly, high fashion was not one of those things. A shiny new second season was at hand, but still no wardrobe budget in sight. What is an FBI agent to do?

Warning, may contain 90s fashion (and nuts) )


Apr. 22nd, 2010 09:59 pm
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The wisdom tooth is on the move again, bastard thing, so I took painkillers and conked out on the couch and watched Up. Big mistake. That movie makes me bawl more than any movie with fun birds and talking dogs really has any right to.


Anyway, here are some more fun bird and talking dog pics. )
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A strong, complex, intriguing Disney female character and she is not a princess! Yes, she is a cat, but in my opinion one of the best female characters out of Disney's recent out put (I can't comment on the Princess and the Frog yet because if they ever had a single worldwide release date Disney would end up exploding or something. Damn you Disney!). From surviving on the New York streets with only bluff and wits, to getting dragged across America by a delusional dog, Mittens shows off her resourcefulness and dry, sarcastic humour.

So, for [ profile] halfamoon, I present a Mittens picspam!

How do you say 'No way I'm doing this' in crazy? )
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Previously, the Doctor almost scored but then some stuff happened. I guess the world is in peril, I don't know, I can't follow this stuff. It's all very pretty, at least.

And you thought there was no plot before? )
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Last time, the Doctor had turned into Jesus and the Master had turned into a C list actor.

Many caps of cuteness! )
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Ah, the mid 90's. The X Files was in fine swing and we thought that the Mytharc would make sense, a grey man was Prime Minister and Tony Blair was going to save us all and the BBC had a big science fiction/fantasy hole in their schedules. A generation of school children were facing growing up without playing Daleks in the playground.

But who was that coming over the horizon? The Americans were here, specifically the Fox network, with a shiny big budget to fix everything!

That went...well. And to be fair, it was a huge ratings success in the UK, and showed that absence had made the heart grow fonder for the non-Whovian masses. Sadly, it was the US ratings that mattered, as that was were the money was. And it tanked. Boo.

But all this was of no concern for the 13 year old girl turning in that night, obsessed with the X Files and who only had the vaguest knowledge by cultural osmosis of what Doctor Who was all about and fuzzy memories of a monster made out of sweeties and one truly awesome home made Dalek costume that stood in her school's tv room.

She watched a confusing, back story laden, exciting, shiny thing...and fell in love.

Look! Look at the budget! And many many caps! )
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The idea of Torchwood USA may bring me much hilarity, but it also goes to show I am a complete hypocrite what with my absolute adoration of the Fox Networks last foray into the Whoniverse. But the TVM is made of win! Not much sense, or coherence, but win all the same!

I am going to shortly embark on an epic giant picspam detailing this win (shortly meaning whenever I have defeated my laziness) since I have figured out how to take my own screencaps. The old fashioned way using prt scrn and pasting in paint, even though in practicing with it I realized how insanity-driving time consuming that way is. But then having to stare at Pail McGann is a burden I am willing to take.

I was playing about taking some caps from the DVD behinds the scenes features, and that turned out to be a good thing as I ended up leaving the media player buttons on and did not notice when I was saving the pictures. So they are a bit wonky, but at least I'll know to avoid that mistake next time. Unless I forget.

Anyway, a few TVM behind the scenes caps.

Cut for Doctor Who and very wet chickens. )
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Stealing pictures and making sarcastic comments, the lazy girls meta. Almost as lazy as doing a round up post.

Laura Roslin/Gaius Baltar, (or why Laura Roslin is totally hot, by Gaius Baltar) Battlestar Galactica.

Fannish Five: Top Five Sci Fi Outfits Misc.

Ruth Evershed- Superspy Spooks.

Redheads Do It Best: A Roslin and Scully Picspam. Battlestar Galactica/X Files

A Shaz Love Picspam. Ashes to Ashes

Alex Drake has a very bad day. Ashes to Ashes

Fashion for the Respectable FBI Agent, a Picspam. X Files

A 100 per cent scientific theory in pictures (or delelopements in Laura Roslin's hair). Battlestar Galactica.

This reminds me that I've got that Season 2 X Files Scully fashion picspam to do sometime (big coat of pregnancy hiding, big coat of pregnancy hiding, big coat of pregnancy hiding, Mulder in a Speedo, night gown of failing to hide postpartum major boobage).


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