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...and how I'm fighting with myself not to try NaNoWriMo. Yes, yes, I know you want to start writing again, but you're shattered enough as it is without trying to force 1667 words a day. College needs to come first, and if you really want to write do some fanfic.


Oh you shut up now, I see. Stupid brain, I do want to try writing fanfic again!

But that means I still have other pressing problems to consider. Tonight, do I watch 4 smegheads in space or Alan Sugar yelling at teenagers? TV scheduling is very inconsiderate!
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Until the autumn anyway, when there is Apprentice Jr with it's decreased ratio of LordAlan shouting and more mature Candidates. It's not the same.

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Tonight's ep had fabulous Nick reaction faces. So many macro opportunities. No doubt Monkseal will be capping them.
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Want Stella to win but it'll probably be Chris, because God forbid Lord Sugar hire a woman two years in a row.

And the snow is back. Joy.
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The Apprentice: the Interviews. So much cringing.

But Stuart's already showed it was worth losing the more competent candidate last week to see him in the interviews. Stuart v Margaret, his field of ponies against her unimpressed expressions of awesome, and then it gets even better with Stuart v Claude.
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It's the advertising Apprentice ep! Always good fun.

Both teams were gawdawfully hilarious this year.
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New Apprentice, and it's the adult version so that means no Alan Sugar being nice because he might make the teenagers cry. Though since it's the beginning all the candidates are an indistinguishable mass of smug and sound bites.

But seriously, a sales technique consisting of a strange man going door to door asking if people wanted to buy his sausages? I'm surprised none of them got arrested.

And continuing with month of Spooks Day 8. Worst exit?

Zoe's was a bit of a muddle, but it's got to be Zaf. Captured at the beginning of series 7, what happened to him? Would it be that over the course of the series they eventually find out what happened and track him down, perhaps mount an epic rescue? No, we got to watch Adam have epic manpain and tuns out Zaf was just tortured and killed. Poor Zaf! Fucking writers!

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...but funny Apprentice recaps are keeping me awake.
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Ok, Mini Apprentice winner predicting time. I'm going for wee Scottish girl or wee maths boy. Zoe is scary and good at sales and I can actually remember her name, but has to much personality to be a winner. And Tim is clearly lying about his age. That is not the beard of a teen.

Lord Siralan continues to be nice in the firings. The lack of weeping teens in the board room disappoints me.
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Now that the stupid election is over (stupid, stupid election!) the Apprentice can come back without screwing with the Beeb's neutrality, just in case Alan Sugar's angry headgehog face induced people to vote Labour.

Though there is too much change! No Margaret, no "yes Suralan" and it's full of teenagers! Though at least the maturity level is the same.

And it's just not the same with Lord Sugar being nice during the firing. Make some teenagers cry, dammit!
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The last use of the Apprentice tag until next year. Though for all my bitching and moaning and reality tv snobbery, this series was great fun.

Top 5 Apprentice Moments )
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Good to see Debra picking the "annoying and mouthy" baton from Phillip.spoilers ) And watching Mona talking to the transexual was a real Ricky Gervais style cringe moment.


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