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Oct. 30th, 2012 09:02 am
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No I will not switch to the new friends page, screw you, stop telling me to!

Well poop!

Sep. 3rd, 2012 08:36 pm
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Five years of Warcraft and never getting hacked. Until now.

My poor characters, left in undies and tabards. At least Blizzard are quick to get going once I sent in my ticket. Just running all my scans before applying to get it turned back over to me.

But in good news Digger won the Best Graphic Story Hugo. Yay!
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I cannot emphasize enough how much I hate technology just now. If it's not Blizzard and their fail WoW parches, it's my new graphics card being too good for my old piece of shit monitor.

I feel your pain, FailCat. I just want my computer games the same way you want your cat food! Stupid metaphorical cone of shame!
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My graphics card is broken, meaning I can't play my precious time wasting games like WoW.

What turns up in my inbox? Mists of Pandaria Beta invitation.

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Getting Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Christmas: Yay!

Getting home and finding out it needs a remote accessory upgrade thing to play: Boo!
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Is it too much to ask that you've decided to work properly now, and stop with all that disconnecting and refusing to reconnect thing? It's been an hour still connected so far.

I'm watching you, little blinky lights. Don't think I won't set the Call Centre on you again!
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Finally have urge to work on WIP that should have been done months ago.

Remember that buggy Microsoft Works gave up the ghost and trial version of Microsoft Office still needs to be paid for.

Work out I'll have money for it next week.

Realise Microsoft is holding my unfinished fic hostage until then.

Make note to save back ups in non-Microsoft dependent formats from now on.


Jul. 27th, 2011 08:31 pm
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How long will you last this time? Stupid DoS attacks.
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You know what I would do if I wanted features like Facebook? Get a bloody Facebook!

I do not like that new Like button!
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I would have totally have gotten my [livejournal.com profile] bsg_remix to at least the beta stage by the deadline had it not been for the gastroenteritis!

Now I'm all weak and pathetic and can't concentrate well enough to get any done today, but at least the disgusting part is over now. I managed to eat a bit of toast yesterday. Suck on that, digestive system!
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Jennifer Garner cast as Miss Marple.

Jennifer Garner.

As Miss Marple.

Jennifer Garner.

My response to this can only be expressed through ponies.
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Since obviously too much time had passed since they last pissed off the user base.

I won't be crossposting anything, hell I don't even have a Twitter/Facebook, and I'll join the rest of you in asking for you to please not do that to anything of mine. In fact if you have Firefox you can even download a handy Greasemonkey script to get rid of those annoying buttons.
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And not in the Gaius Baltar way.

Been trying to eek out my computer's life expectancy, I got an external hard drive which I managed to hook up and transfer stuff over perfectly fine, but when it came to replacing my pos cd/dvd rewiter that crapped out a few months back, by the time I've opened up the case and pulled the old one out I realise that instead of buying this one I should have gotten this one, as I would actually be able to plug that one in. Would have been cheaper too.

Grr, fuck you different types of plugs! I want to play the Sims 3 again!
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The current drama over at ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.com has it all. Enraged fanboys! Sockpuppets! Ambiguous accents!

Long story short, Nostalgia Critic reviews the gloriously awful film the Room. The video is up for about a day before it disappears and the boards are rife with conspiracy theories. What could have happened?

Luckily actor/director/producer/writer/artistic genius Tommy Wiseau is on hand to explain.

(Oh, and it turns out that "John" is actually Tommy himself.)

And the review that started it all? Don't tell Tommy, but here it is. Though Brad and Jerrid's copy right proof reaction to the saga is hilarious too.
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Disney to make Gargoyles film.

Sadly, it's not this one.
Even Goliath is saying "why not?"

And why can't they release region 2 dvds?

Stupid Disney.
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Also known as "The Evil of Corporate," or "Attack of the TL;DR."

The epic idea of making it so that to post on the official forums, you have will to use your RealID to post under, to stop trolling.

Your RealID that consists of your real name, the one on your billing account. What could possibly go wrong?

People suggest some reasons. But this is a bit more serious than the latest QQ over the latest nerf. At the moment of typing that thread has 2495 pages.

One of the posters, not seeing what all the fuss is about, dares people find him. It took 20 minutes. It went worse for one of the Devs when he put up his name, his finders were less considerate and plastered his info up. Apparently he's had to lock up his Facebook and disconnect his phone number.

The term "slippery slope" is one of those overused phrases just invoked to scaremonger, but when you look at the higher ups plans for the game and their grand vision for RealID and talk of social networking, it looks like they are set on sledding down that slope no matter how much the customer protests.

Then there is the fact that to opt out of it ingame you need to go through hopes and enable parental controls. Or that if you use RealID to track those people you trust, that your friends of your friends can see your real name even though you never decided to trust them. And not forgetting that pesky bug that means some addons can get access to your RealID.

I've actually canceled over this, putting RealID down as the reason when I managed to force my finger to click on that final "cancel account" button, but it's the strongest way to voice my disapproval. Blizzard, I want to waste my money on your game, on your stupid little pets, (but not sparkle ponies, I resist the sparkle pony), on those lumps of pixels I spent hours farming. But I don't want my real name out there. I'm lucky, my name isn't that unique and I don't show up on the first few pages on a google search. But I don't want to have to worry that the prick who gets pissed that I killed him in a battleground, or won that loot roll will be able to find out my real name. Before I just had to lie and never vent with strangers to avoid the hassle of playing while female.

While I play with my main characters, on the occasions I raid or dungeon, I do play with people I know in real life, sometimes I want to get away and make a little alt somewhere no one knows who I am.

I don't want to have to post my real name if I want to QQ over the latest nerf, or if I have to use the forums for technical support, and certainly do not want it in game.

If I wanted a Facebook I would have a Facebook.

I just want to pretend to be a cow/owlbear who shoots lasers and kills dragons and wastes time collecting pixels.

Edited: I finally get my rant written up and and they turn around and cave. Bastards.

Still don't like how difficult it is to opt out of RealID, but hopefully this means I can resubscribe.

Still not buying a sparkle pony though.
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Yes, I have been trying to grab new eggs, what tipped you off?

Also, I have dentist tomorrow. WHY DO YOU HATE ME TEETH AND PIXELS?!
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Worried that it's too girly, Rapunzel become Tangled. Since apparently the Princess and the Frog didn't pull epic numbers, the Princess and the Frog is a girly title, obviously the reason it didn't pull epic numbers is because it was too girly for boys.

Though it's funny how when all those boy-oriented movies of the early 2000s flopped, that was because of the 2d medium, not their gender focus. But then girls don't matter, do they?



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