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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is awesome. (See that finale? Great blatant cash grab to sell wedding playsets, or greatest blatant cash grab to sell wedding playsets?)

But the first thing that caught my attention was that it managed to look awesome. In Flash! From the simplistic stuff made necessary by early dial up internet, I'd always written off flash animation as looking cheap, but the stuff the animators manage to do with it is amazing.

Compare the following two videos and try to believe that they were made using the same program.

Cut for latest FiM and OMGTHEHORROR! )

gbeaudette's analysis videos over on the Tube of You show off the skill and effort that goes into this thing.

The show would have gotten me on the technical achievements alone. The characterization and humour was a lucky bonus.
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I'm gay and straight! Wait, that's not right. )

I know, it's nothing but Pony videos from me, but this one is just so genius it has to be posted!

SHUT UP NAVI! I mean Pinkie Pie. I mean both of you!
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(Which is a way of saying I really like the latest song.
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Princess Cadance must have filled the pink princess quota. Or perhaps the Hasbro toy department were sent TO THE MOON to consider their colour choices.
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That's canon! That totally counts as canon! Lyra/Bon Bon 4eva! Lyra/Bon Bon/Derpy Block OT3!
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Okay, it's only since tuesday, but I did do an hour yesterday to make up for Saturday and Sunday going to be spent pc and internet-less (teh horror!) up in the wild north.

Cut for horrible WIP-ness )


Oct. 29th, 2011 06:52 pm
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My first attempt at doing something relatively complicated with a pumpkin. My childhood was spent hacking out turnips to make lanterns. But at least I could eat the raw turnip as I went. Hmmm, raw turnip.
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Oh Twilight, I can relate. But look, I managed to livejournal post within the week, so I am not tardy.

I have a weeks holiday now, yet my brain remains word free. Stupid brain! At least drawing remains easy.
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Oh worthy but depressing as hell movies. I need to scrub my brain with ponies. My Little Pony Character Generator.

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Story of the Blanks.

Me playing: Aww, a cute My Little Pony game, look at how retro! Aw Applebloom! Okay, walking, finding, pushing boxes, finding stuff, open door OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL WHAT THE HELL! THE HORROR, THE HORROR, NOOOOO! RUN AWAY!!!!!!!

It's as if Silent Hill was only 8-bits. And starred My Little Ponies.
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Now all that's needed are full on Ponified Doctor Who episodes!

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I am in love with these expressions here.
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Space Core! Oh how I love him (Portal 2 spoilers.) A distraction from waiting for Royal Mail to hurry up and deliver my copy of Portal 2!
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There are so many My Little Pony mash ups out there, but I like this one a lot. Maybe it's the impressive lip syncing. And Scott Pilgrim, yay!

Is the movie any good? I don't know because stupid Love Film don't have it for some reason. I should probably just buy it, even if I did promise myself to restrict to animation because I'll end up smothered under a pile of dvds if the collection grows much more. Love Film obviously wants to kill me.
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Where else can I find my two latest fascinations smashed together?

by Paranormal-one

Portals, Ponies, it makes sense!

Two more made of even more awww )
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I had been thinking off doing Doctor Whooves with various companions (and if you need convincing that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is awesome, it has almost canon Doctor!), but the sad news means that Sarah Jane just had to be first.


And see if you can read through the Newsround tribute page and all those tributes from children without getting dust in your eyes.
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How to make something so darn cute as brightly coloured ponies with tattoos on their butts even cuter? Show them as little kids. I may be in a diabetic coma now.

Fandom ponies continue to eat my brain, but the state of merchandising got there first today.

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"I'm Gene Hunt. Your DCI. And it's 1973. Nearly dinner time. I'm 'aving hay."



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