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I know, it's nothing but Pony videos from me, but this one is just so genius it has to be posted!

SHUT UP NAVI! I mean Pinkie Pie. I mean both of you!
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Being Pony

May. 23rd, 2011 09:50 pm
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More crazy fandom ponies.


Because it's easy to picture Mitchell and George as Bronies.
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Being Human 3.07. Woah. Best cliffhanger build up since BSG s1 I'd say. Hard to articulate more at this point.

It can be next Sunday now please?
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I don't have school anymore, you're supposed to defeat the cold bugs now!

And that means I can't concentrate to gush about how awesome Being Human was last night. Seriously, it was awesome, an impressive powerhouse of acting and writing. And added Nicola Walker!

Fuck you cold!
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...especially when you can look at him being all badass werewolf vampire hunter and not think of Unchained Melody once.

Being Human was excellent last night. But oh dear God, it's all going to end in pain and suffering, isn't it?
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Usually I pass up on the Red Button stuff, but somehow I found myself watching the Being Human in school spin off.

See, that's how you do vampires going to school, with pathetic perving and 80s references and getting owned by teenage bullies.

Though my God they got the horrific school atmosphere down! That is the real monster.
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Spoilers )
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Being Human trailer with clips! And added Robson Green.

Now lets see if I still remember it on Sunday.
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Being Human series 3! But how soon is soon?!
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Incoherent until next Sunday.


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