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First two episodes of Korra are up for legal watching.

Though if you're outside the US you'll have to resort to...methods to get past it. *totally innocent*
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Another Korra clip. And it is made of equal parts d'aww and awesome. I WANT MORE!
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Legend of Korra WILL show in 2012. Also, spoilers and clips.

From those leaked clips, it continues to look AWESOME!


Dec. 4th, 2011 11:47 am
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Korra intro leaked.

ALL THE SQUEES! My gawd, the animation is gorgeous! WANT WANT WANT!

Why is it not 2012 yet?
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Spoilers floating around )


Mar. 7th, 2011 06:14 pm
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Legend of Korra info, including what she looks like


And casting!

Janet Varney as KORRA
Kiernan Shipka as JINORA
Daniel Dae Kim as HIROSHI SATO
David Faustino as MAKO
Seychelle Gabriel as ASAMI
Lance Henriksen as LIEUTENANT
JK Simmons as TENZIN

OMGOMG, Lance Henriksen's sexy, sexy voice! And Daniel Dae Kim, awesome! And Chief Pope is Aangs son!

Wait, out 2012? The fuck?
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The one time Amazon has a problem sending me something is when evil cliffhangers involved! At least when my Avatar season 3 dvds didn't turn up they sent some new ones swiftly after I told them about it. And being able to veg out of the couch watching them helps make up for the splitting headache that is torturing me today. Tapping the keyboard is not helping it, so I should probably put in the next dvd. Though since it's the last one, then I'll have to wait with everyone else for Korra for new Avatar *cries*.
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The love continues.

Disjointed thoughts on Book 2 Earth )

My Book 3 dvds better arrive tomorrow, or I might get the withdrawls!
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Just as I get into Avatar: the Last Airbender, news of new stuff comes out. Yay!

News here and more detailed stuff here. Yay!

Next generation and so new characters, slight boo as I have fallen in love the original ones. But female lead, steampunk and cute, hybrid animals? Yay!

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Surfacing from watching all of season 1 Avatar the Last Airbender. Need moar!
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I miss Eleven and his strangely handsome rectangular face.

Looking at the Last Airbender reviews (8% at Rotten Tomatoes, ouch) has not done anything to help my impatience at LoveFilm sending out dvds of the series to me (people, stop renting them out! I want them!). So when I was browsing at Amazon I ended up just buying the first series outright. Yeah, so much for getting a LoveFilm subscription to cut back on the bought dvds piling up in the house.

Though as I ended up bundling it up with the new art book that has a few weeks wait, the rented dvds will probably start coming thick and fast until I've watched the whole thing by the time it gets dispatched. Oh well, then I can just watch it again. And then go and buy the next series.
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Eight episodes into Avatar: the Last Airbender and we've already had:

Cross dressing

and bondage!

I love this show!

(Though please don't tell me about the Aang/Appa that is no doubtably out there. I'd like to still have some innocence left.)
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LoveFilm to be sending more dvds quickly pls?

Though having watched the first four episodes the live action film looks awful even without the race bending issue. Where the hell did all the humour go?


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