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It gave me the opportunity to see the Lion King in the cinema for the first time. It only took 17 years!

Well, actually the second, as I saw it in 3D last week, but because Sibling can never arrive on time we got stuck in the first row and spent the whole thing looking up Simba's nose! Place was packed for a 17 year old movie! This time I was on my own so nice and early to get a seat right in the middle for a perfect view. And I got to sit through the end credits without being rushed because someone</i? needs to run outside for a cigarette. It wasn't as busy as the first time, but still quite a crowd.
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Thanks to some marginally better promotion for the dvd release, I finally watched Winnie the Pooh. And I'll admit, it is freaking adorable and definitely deserves to go to the top of the list of Disney's Pooh output. As far as crossover appeal goes, it's right up there with Friendship is Magic (yes, yes, I know. Everything comes back to Ponies.)

So why you fail so hard at promoting it Disney, why? All there was over here was a theatrical trailer and some half assed promotions. And in the US someone had the bright idea to put it up against Harry Potter!

Did Eisner sneak back or something?
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Hipster Ariel, the latest thing currently distracting me from writing.
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Where the hell is the merchandise of these guys?


Which is another way of saying I saw Tangled, and I liked it. The trend of having more interesting leads that started with Princess and the Frog continues, though the animal sidekicks continue to steal the show. Want little cuddly toys of them please! *glares at Disney Store UK*
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End of the week and I'm exhausted, and I didn't even manage a full week of stuff. Stupid Tuesday.

Too tired to do anything more strenuous than steal stuff from the internet.


Disney movie poster mashups over at Empire. I have to give special mention to the proof that you do not want to fuck with Bambi.
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But damn if this movie didn't get me at the horse.

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Sadly the style doesn't make it obvious that this was done by the A team of feature Disney animators in Burbank, the bright colour pallet of the computer makes it look very similar to the Pooh cashins movies of the past decade. And it's opening in America against Harry Potter the Finale part two.

Sigh. We're never going to get to see a 2d animated Snow Queen.
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Disney to make Gargoyles film.

Sadly, it's not this one.
Even Goliath is saying "why not?"

And why can't they release region 2 dvds?

Stupid Disney.
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After being in production for forever, finally a trailer for *meh* Tangled.

So looks like they are going the "reassure the boys that it doesn't have icky girl germs" route. LOOK AT THIS, WE'VE GOT PENIS! Unfortunately, it doesn't look much different from all the other wacky CGI comedies out there.
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Worried that it's too girly, Rapunzel become Tangled. Since apparently the Princess and the Frog didn't pull epic numbers, the Princess and the Frog is a girly title, obviously the reason it didn't pull epic numbers is because it was too girly for boys.

Though it's funny how when all those boy-oriented movies of the early 2000s flopped, that was because of the 2d medium, not their gender focus. But then girls don't matter, do they?


More Memes!

Mar. 6th, 2010 03:00 pm
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That letters one. [ profile] missbevcrusher gave me the letter d. So now I have to come up with 10 things I love starting with the letter d.

That is surprisingly hard.

1. Dana Scully. This requires no explanation, because Dana Scully is awesome! Oh you want one? Well, anyone who can run in high heels, shoot you and then do the autopsy is not someone you want to piss off.

2. Dragons! Just, dragons! I have waded though so much awful just because they have dragons in them. Though if a movie had Jeremy Irons and dragons both in them, run away!

3. The Doctor, no matter how irritatingly emo he can get, he's still the Doctor.

4. The other Doctor, the most interesting character on Voyager who wasn't initially hired for his boobs.

5. Disney animation. While Disney the corporation is evil and terrifying, their animation is lovely, and even those that are bad from a movie point of view are still watchable because of the efforts of the animators.

6. Dogs. I do love both cats and dogs, each species with their different charms, and dogs are just so happy most of the time.

7. Discworld, my favorite fantasy land. It's not just a monotone land of hats, all sorts of different species and cultures and places that all have their own unique feel. Oh Pterry!

8. Dvds. My flat is a shrine to dvds! Going fully digital would save a lot of space, but it's not the same if you don't have to open up the dvd case, then open up all the others when you realise the one you actually want is in the wrong case somewhere.

9. Dodgy old british sci-fi. Because when your space ships are made out of tin foil and your aliens out of bubble wrap, you have to have to rely on an actual decent script.

10. David Bowie. Because without his music there would be no Gene Hunt! Plus, it's good music too!
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A strong, complex, intriguing Disney female character and she is not a princess! Yes, she is a cat, but in my opinion one of the best female characters out of Disney's recent out put (I can't comment on the Princess and the Frog yet because if they ever had a single worldwide release date Disney would end up exploding or something. Damn you Disney!). From surviving on the New York streets with only bluff and wits, to getting dragged across America by a delusional dog, Mittens shows off her resourcefulness and dry, sarcastic humour.

So, for [ profile] halfamoon, I present a Mittens picspam!

How do you say 'No way I'm doing this' in crazy? )
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A death I just found out about, this one from my interest in animation. Roy E. Disney dead at 79.

Nephew of Walt but also did a lot behind the scenes, including helping to keep Disney animation going during the troubled spots of the 1970/80s and the more recent one that will hopefully be ending with the Princess and the Frog doing well. And he always turned up on those platinum DVD features.
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Thanks to this one I have discovered that the complete Lion King OST is on You Tube here. Must...constantly...listen....

Dammit Disney, hurry up and release that thing already!
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So very pretty.

So, it's comming out in the US around Christmas, so that'll probably work out about summer 2010 here. Sigh, Disney distribution sucks.


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