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Can sum up my feelings on the newest ep with the word: oh my God, I am so in love with Alex Kingston!
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I miss Eleven and his strangely handsome rectangular face.

Looking at the Last Airbender reviews (8% at Rotten Tomatoes, ouch) has not done anything to help my impatience at LoveFilm sending out dvds of the series to me (people, stop renting them out! I want them!). So when I was browsing at Amazon I ended up just buying the first series outright. Yeah, so much for getting a LoveFilm subscription to cut back on the bought dvds piling up in the house.

Though as I ended up bundling it up with the new art book that has a few weeks wait, the rented dvds will probably start coming thick and fast until I've watched the whole thing by the time it gets dispatched. Oh well, then I can just watch it again. And then go and buy the next series.
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Oh Matt Smith, I think I love you now.


Jun. 24th, 2010 05:01 pm
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Today's post is brought to you by owls.

By pu-sama.

By thecosmicdancer.

Cutest! Pun! Ever!

And a new Legend of the Guardians trailer too!


Jun. 19th, 2010 10:18 pm
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Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens )

I was a bit distracted as I was at Proudmoore Pride on WoW with my little hunter alt. So many naked Taurens. I even ended up being roped into taking part in the lumberjack themed float.

Where tree!druids are scared )
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All is right with the world when, less than 24 hours after the broadcast, there are screencaps of split second Matt Smith peen.
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More reptiles with boobs. )

Anyway, time for some crack of the Eurovision variety. And we really, really don't want to win, do we. Then again if we did we wouldn't be able to bitch about how Europe hates us and how unfair it is we only get piddly amounts of points.
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And I am left with a very important question.

Cut for spoilers and questions. )
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Brain's not working properly today to put together proper complex thoughts on the ep, but I did enjoy it.

Doctor Who Vampires of Venice )
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Perhaps Moffat was pissed at David Tennant's accent not being allowed as well.

The Beast Below )
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That was a bit alright then. :D.

The Eleventh Hour )
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IT'S NEW WHO DAY!!!!11111


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