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Aug. 10th, 2012 09:28 pm
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I never even really liked Barbie as a kid, her playsets would get taken over by Ponies and Care Bears while she ended up forgotten under the bed somehow separated from her clothes. So why did I spend an afternoon watching these?

That has got to have been heavily influenced by Toy Story 3. And it is awesome for it! "That's a closet full of handsome."
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Discovering Horrible Histories songs on YouTube = my evening gone. But at least it's educational!
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Wandering Youtube, I am reminded of the awesome of strategy games like Civ, Age of Empires and Caesar III (damn sibling stole my Caesar III!). Raining God-like powers on little computer people does wonders for stress. Until those little bastard rival tribes show up to ruin my utopia! That Age of Empires war horn haunted my dreams!
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Damn, when is this thing coming out on dvd, I want to- wait a minute, is that Jerome Flynn?!
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His voice is so soothing, it is probably not the best thing to watch while exhausted.
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This is relevent to my life. Mine is just lucky he's cute.
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But at least Sorting wank will have a catchy theme song.

I've never really got the Harry Potter Sorting thing, so I'll be happy with whatever the Sorting Hat puts me in, probably Hufflepuff. All hail the bumbling badger of mediocritry.
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So freaking adorable. And evilly catchy.
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Yeah, Turrets want you to think that they are cute. The truth is much more whiny.
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I've never even played Half Life, so why did I spend the entire afternoon watching through 32 of these laughing madly?

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...but suddenly it is all worthwhile!

The real thing on Friday won't be able to top that!
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I can totally write and surf YouTube at the same time! But look what I found!

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The amount of Pony related work out there continues to astound me. YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED!
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If How to Train your Dragon was European arthouse. Very impressive that it was done with open source.
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Edward James Olmos Planning Battlestar Galactica Graphic Novel, Sequel to Series Finale Episode.

Though I am disappointed it isn't going to be live action, I could have seen the Studio throwing the money at him just to make him go away.

But now I'm imagining Adama and Tigh fighting saber toothed lions bare handed while the Star Trek fight music plays.

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For such a srsbzns work Watchmen sure does inspire a lot of hilarity.

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I had to get my decent Gear Score using PUGs, and had to walk uphill both ways in the snow too! But that means I won!


Now what?
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This thing has been reced all over the place and I'm going to add to it, because it is fraking awesome!

The Tenth Doctor's song list. With commentary in the form of Nine's sarcastic expressions!


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