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Not a horrible joke.

What? WHAT?

My initial reaction is one if horror, even if Raymond Briggs has approved and that Guardian article assures that the downbeat, emotionally damaging ending will remain.


At least stills indicate it will still have the same style as the old one, even though it really needs to be seein in motion to be able to judge if it's as good or not.

Though I don't know who they can expect to compete with the REAL Snowman sequel.

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Channel Four's New Years Father Ted night triggered a mix of delightful and sad nostalgia, with the added sadness of the reminder of Dermot Morgan's passing just after filming. But is impossible to be misrable when you have the glory of My Lovely Horse:

And it reminded me of the made of cute Christmas animation the First Snow of Winter he did a voice for, and lo and behold it's on You Tube also:

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JesuOtaku's Digimon 02 reviews (here and here) brings back the horror that was that epilogue (WTF no TK/Kari? Sora is a WHAT? Matt in space? WTF!!?!). Oh, if only I had a livejournal ten years ago. Makes 150,000 years later look like Babylon Five.

At least Patamon's always cute.
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Poking about the Pannini site went from "aw, look at all those sticker albums I never managed to complete" to "holy crap, they're still selling full sets them from that far back?" to "OMGSTICKERSMUSTGETSTICKERS!"

I restrained myself to just one set.
Aww 90s nostalgia. Fuck off Plucky!

Was almost late for college putting them all in. I see that going well with my tutor. "Sorry, can't come in today, must stick in stickers."
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Wandering around ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.Com tends to trigger trips down memory lane.

JesuOtaku's Digimon epic series 1 review.

Digimon! It totally kicked Pokeomn's arse, though sadly not in the merchandising stakes. I did manage to find a few Patamon cuddly toys, but it was only the McDonalds Happy Meal toy that actually managed to look like him.

Does Patamon have to fucking cut a bitch?
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The current drama over at has it all. Enraged fanboys! Sockpuppets! Ambiguous accents!

Long story short, Nostalgia Critic reviews the gloriously awful film the Room. The video is up for about a day before it disappears and the boards are rife with conspiracy theories. What could have happened?

Luckily actor/director/producer/writer/artistic genius Tommy Wiseau is on hand to explain.

(Oh, and it turns out that "John" is actually Tommy himself.)

And the review that started it all? Don't tell Tommy, but here it is. Though Brad and Jerrid's copy right proof reaction to the saga is hilarious too.
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First it's a Diana Wynne Jones novel and now the Borrowers! I remember that from when the Beeb used to do Sunday teatime family dramas. It was rather twee as I recall, but nostalgia improves everything.
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Got Pokemon HeartGold because the nostalgia overpowered me. And the pokewalker is the best idea ever!
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Oh God, all those hours spent trying to complete Sonics 1 and 2, those sounds effects in that trailer were causing serious flashbacks. I wonder if it'll have that damned evil robot Sonic who was a bitch to kill (seriously, it had spikes on it's back to stop bouncing on it, and that was all Sonic knew! Then when he was killed it turned out there was ANOTHER FREAKING BOSS AFTER THAT!). And a water level, oh God the water levels, with the scary ass soundtrack of OMG YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE!

A few years back I dug the old Mega Drive out of the cupboard and was a bit disappointed to discover that from playing it so much in my youth the moves were second nature enough to blast through each game in about an hour each.
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Oh God, Knightmare! That would have you screaming at the idiot contestants just like the Crystal Maze, but on a much cheaper budget. Those degrading face life monitors used to scare the crap out of me, especially when they got down to the skull.

The problems with today's youth can be traced down to the fact that they didn't have telly like this scaring the pants of them.
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Just watched the ER finale. Oh ER! Back in the day I loved that show so much. Had I been on the internet at the time no doubt I would have been responsible for so much Mary Sue fanfic.

It was a good finale.


Jul. 27th, 2009 04:14 pm
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Tron 2 teaser trailer!

I love Tron, I can remember as a kid watching it on the telly during bank holidays and the like. The trailer looks cool, all neon and shiny. Now please just don't ruin my childhood!
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Damn you Lets Play! Watching this is making me want to play Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Every weekend for a year me and my sister rented it from the video shop and we managed to complete it without any help from outside sources. Then some bastard saved over our game >:(.


Even though it's over 10 years old it still looks quite pretty. Plus Epona! Both of us wasted so much time just running around the field on her. Yay horsie!
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It's always distracting looking through things from my childhood on YouTube.

Insektors was a French computer animated show with an environmental bent, but in the grand British tradition the original script was thrown out and jokes, sarcasm and irrelevance added in, and so manages to pull off the rare feat of being a show with a message and entertaining at the same time. The American dub is a more accurate translation of the original French, but not nearly as much fun.

British dub.

US dub.
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I like this trend of reusing old adverts from my childhood. First it was the old Aquafresh one, now the Milky Way Red and Blue Car one is back on the airwaves. Only problem was it didn't sound quite right, and thanks to Youtube I can see that they have changed the lyrics slightly. I guess encouraging kids to eat between meals isn't really a good idea anymore.

Anyway, here's the original.

But now I see that there are tons of old adverts on there. Damn, that's my afternoon gone.
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So in a fit of nostalgia and insanity I just bought Pokemon Platinum and a Nintendo DS to play it on. Yeah, turns out I'm not allowed to have a chunk of money just sit in my bank account and, I don't, know SAVE IT! So now I have the buyers remorse.

Eh, early birthday present to me. And at least I didn't waste the money on Pokemon cards (not that I have ever done that before, I swear!).
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It funny looking back at things from childhood, and all the things you missed that seem so obvious now. Take Labyrinth. When I was young it was just "yay muppets". Now it is terrifying. Yeah, you know what picture is under this cut. )

This package related post was brought to you thanks to the latest Nostalgia Chick.


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