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...and how I'm fighting with myself not to try NaNoWriMo. Yes, yes, I know you want to start writing again, but you're shattered enough as it is without trying to force 1667 words a day. College needs to come first, and if you really want to write do some fanfic.


Oh you shut up now, I see. Stupid brain, I do want to try writing fanfic again!

But that means I still have other pressing problems to consider. Tonight, do I watch 4 smegheads in space or Alan Sugar yelling at teenagers? TV scheduling is very inconsiderate!

WIP Meme

Mar. 31st, 2012 07:15 pm
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Since even including what I've posted only puts this at 6, the seven pages bit has to be put aside. But seven lines down, here are the next seven lines.

BSG WIPness )

Damn it brain, why won't you let me finish! But I did stare at it until I finally managed to peck out a sentence. That's progress, right?
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Time to make a list of stuff I want to get done and then not do it!
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New Year, New Resolutions. I don't have any vices to quit like smoking, so this year I promise to write more. Even though writing is hard. And I find drawing so much easier. And I am lazy.

Remember how good it feels to actually finish something, self? That sense of accomplishment, of being able to say 'yay, I did it!' and have it stop chewing at your brain?

So, write moar! Also comment more, you're not supposed to be lurking moar any more!
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Finally have urge to work on WIP that should have been done months ago.

Remember that buggy Microsoft Works gave up the ghost and trial version of Microsoft Office still needs to be paid for.

Work out I'll have money for it next week.

Realise Microsoft is holding my unfinished fic hostage until then.

Make note to save back ups in non-Microsoft dependent formats from now on.
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... and I should probably acknowledge to myself I'm not going to do NaNo this year.

No brain, you are not taking on more than you can do, you have college, stop it!
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I need help learning to put words together in a sentence again, so it is meme time!

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request a drabble/ficlet of any pairing/character of their choosing from me.

1. [ profile] geekbynight Baltar/Ellen, distraction
2. [ profile] dreamaway78 Adama/Roslin - Could it be a continuation of your Grade School Galactica Series?
3. [ profile] obsessive_a101 Lee and Kara - playing portals; Laura does the commentary.
4. [ profile] astreamofstars Laura having a conversation with the hybrid.

Please, help me with prompts!
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Must write moar porn!
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Nice to see you show up for [ profile] bsg_kink Kink Bingo. Could you please tell Actually Contains Plot muse to get her ass out here so I can get these damn wip's done sometime?
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First symbolic sentence of Remainder part 2 done since having to pause to get [ profile] bsg_remix done, hooray!

Bringing the total done so far: 583 words.


Man, my productivity level sucks!

The Remix!

Apr. 3rd, 2011 07:41 pm
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It is off to beta. Yay! *falls over*
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I can totally write and surf YouTube at the same time! But look what I found!

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I have my remix document open. That means writing might happen.
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Sure, lets drop what we've done so far and do a completely different [ profile] bsg_remix idea, why not?


Mar. 1st, 2011 05:25 pm
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That blank [ profile] bsg_remix document now has two sentences on it. Yay! That is a good sign. Now when is that deadline?

April! Eek!
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Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

remix.wps <=Currently a blank document, but I think there may be an idea in my head somewhere now. Yay I guess.
wings of stars.wps
wip.wps and wip2.wps <=My scrap files. Currently still containing fic that's been done.

Now perhaps I can get some work done on these, maybe? Would help to have a document open, wouldn't it?
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Hipster Ariel, the latest thing currently distracting me from writing.
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Thank you [ profile] fandomsecrets for reminding me of Paraplush. Now I have to go help a cuddly toy sheep that is also a wolf deal with her identity issues and a crocodile with a fear of water instead of writing.

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Archeology is the most evil thing World of Warcraft has come up with yet. Flying around dig sites hoping that this time a dwarf one will spawn so I can get the remaining few fragments to make my clockwork gnome, which then turns out to be another god-damned troll one! And I have my [ profile] rememberlaura holiday exchange to do (it's at the "stare at a blank document while thinking really hard about typing it out" stage) and things to clean (still at the "oh God I don't want to do it!" stage).
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Nap time now!


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