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Major, MAJOR spoilers for Storm of Swords/upcoming Game of Thrones.

Is is Winds of Winter yet?
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So I'm, what, a season late? But LoveFilm have started to send me Game of Thrones dvds, so now I can say I have seen the first two episodes.

To sum up my thoughts.

Blood! Boobs! Dear God Sean Bean looks old! Boobs! Yes, Peter Dinklage is made of awesome. Puppies! Boobs. Boobs.

There may also have been more boobs.

And yes, more Joffrey slaps!

That never gets old.
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Damn, when is this thing coming out on dvd, I want to- wait a minute, is that Jerome Flynn?!
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Winds of Winter sample chapter!

So how many years do we have to wait for this thing again?
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Whar next book GRRM, whar?
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So to distract myself from tracking down people to steal their copy, here are the Stark kids as ponies.


But now that's finished, now I don't have anything to distract me. I want my booooook! [ profile] astreamofstars better watch out!


Jun. 28th, 2011 09:18 pm
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Thanks to a Amazon screw up, some lucky Germans have actual copies of A Dance of Dragons. Commence spoiler searching or fleeing.

Me, I say bring on the spoilers! I want all the thrown-book-inducing spoilers!
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Finished the last book now. Man, if I didn't know A Dance with Dragons is out next month I would be pissed. Spoilery rambling for all four books. )

Now I've read the books it's safe to watch the tv show now. I'll have to catch it on dvd. Luckily I have this to tide me over until then.
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I still don't get this Tumblr thing, but anything that gave birth to Arrested Westeros can't be all bad.

It's amazing how it fits!

My faves, so very spoilery )

Stupid Ned

May. 30th, 2011 08:19 pm
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There are more awesome ones here, but I think this one isn't all that spoilery.

Half way through book 2 now. If I'm not careful I'm going to be finished them all before I have Dance with Dragons in my hand.

The next one is going to take another 6 years because I've been smug about that, isn't it?


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