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Official Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic.


Sadly the officiality means it won't just be an excuse for sex. Probably.

(It does remind me it's time to look for River Song/Janeway femslash. For science.)
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You know, before the reboot movie I would have said Picard, but while Patrick Stewart is bald awesome sex, he was a bit dull. For every THER.ARE.FOUR.LIGHTS! there were ten sitting in his big chair being boringly competent. Kirk was a melodramatic manwhore but more fun.

In short, Kirk is fun, Picard is hot, and Generations sucks!
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Plinkett takes time out from ripping apart the Star Wars prequels and killing prostitutes to talk about the Star Trek reboot.

Different from the Prequels reviews as he actually likes this movie, in between his creepy serial killer schtick are interesting points about the state and history of Star Trek, fan boy nitpicking and how this movie actually works. And how Star Trek Generations fucking sucks!
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The Star Trek reboot was just missing one thing. Luckily there is this handy webcomic to fill the sparkly gap.

Ensign Sue Must Die!

More Memes!

Mar. 6th, 2010 03:00 pm
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That letters one. [ profile] missbevcrusher gave me the letter d. So now I have to come up with 10 things I love starting with the letter d.

That is surprisingly hard.

1. Dana Scully. This requires no explanation, because Dana Scully is awesome! Oh you want one? Well, anyone who can run in high heels, shoot you and then do the autopsy is not someone you want to piss off.

2. Dragons! Just, dragons! I have waded though so much awful just because they have dragons in them. Though if a movie had Jeremy Irons and dragons both in them, run away!

3. The Doctor, no matter how irritatingly emo he can get, he's still the Doctor.

4. The other Doctor, the most interesting character on Voyager who wasn't initially hired for his boobs.

5. Disney animation. While Disney the corporation is evil and terrifying, their animation is lovely, and even those that are bad from a movie point of view are still watchable because of the efforts of the animators.

6. Dogs. I do love both cats and dogs, each species with their different charms, and dogs are just so happy most of the time.

7. Discworld, my favorite fantasy land. It's not just a monotone land of hats, all sorts of different species and cultures and places that all have their own unique feel. Oh Pterry!

8. Dvds. My flat is a shrine to dvds! Going fully digital would save a lot of space, but it's not the same if you don't have to open up the dvd case, then open up all the others when you realise the one you actually want is in the wrong case somewhere.

9. Dodgy old british sci-fi. Because when your space ships are made out of tin foil and your aliens out of bubble wrap, you have to have to rely on an actual decent script.

10. David Bowie. Because without his music there would be no Gene Hunt! Plus, it's good music too!
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No you cannot get Star Trek online! Stop looking at it! Warcraft is more than enough! Stop it!
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[ profile] lullabymoon asked: I see you watch a lot of scifi that have strong women characters (awesome socks! :D) and I want to know not who your top five are but your top five scifi outfits.

And so, in no particular order:

Fashion! )
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While the first still image for this looked pretty terrifying, I quite like the trailer for Fantastic Mr Fox.

I like that the animation is very retro (or slightly crappy, your mileage may vary). Little saddening to see such Americanization of one of my childhood classics, but eh that happens all the time.

Also, Star Trek friending meme.

THE STAR TREKFriending Meme
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It is awesome! But when is the DVD coming out? Amazon says November, damn that's too far away *whines*. I need a fix of shiny Enterprise, hot Spock and lensflare to stay happy, dammit!
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Pinched from [ profile] icedteainthebag.

It's simple-- post 10 unpopular fannish opinions to your LJ. It can be about the work itself, about fic/vids/other fanwork, or fandom in general. The only thing you shouldn't opine about is individuals. Please, no slamming of anyone's opinions, although comments are always welcome.

Behold, my opinions! )

Don't hate me!
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Star Trek from 100 years ago!

And this song currently won't get out of my brain.

Still trying to find someone to go see the Star Trek movie with me a second time. I would have thought my mother would have since I had to go see Mama Mia with her twice, she owes me for inflicting Pierce Brosnon's singing on me! At this rate I might have to actually go on my own, anxiety be dammed! Stupid mental health issues.
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I wouldn't call myself a hard core fan, but all through my life Star Trek has always been there. I have vague recollections of watching TNG when it was first on, and the original series was always being repeated and then I would go out of my way to watch Deep Space Nine and Voyager when they were first shown despite BBC 2's crappy scheduling (admission time, while I do think DS9 was the better of the two, I liked Voyager more, enough to actually buy some of the books. Can't explain it). I liked it enough to be disappointed in Enterprise. It wasn't my favorite, but it definitely was an important part of my childhood grounding in science fiction.

I think I need to give the older stuff another look. Because after watching the new movie, I think I am in love.

Stream of conscious squee and spoilers. )

I need to go see this again. Needs to be out on DVD now.
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Am back from seeing Star Trek. Am only capable of incoherent squeeing noises at this time.


May. 9th, 2009 04:38 pm
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I've been quite disparaging ever since hearing about the new Star Trek movie. Ooh, reboot and younger actors, it'll be rubbish. But having been watching the trailers, I'm actually quite excited. It looks awesome! Now I'm annoyed that I won't have anyone to see it with until Monday.

Yes, I am a spoiler whore )

Another thing that surprised me is how hot young Spock is. As Sylar, Zachary Quinto does nothing for me, but shave his eyebrows and put some pointy ears on him...


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