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Portal the Animated Series. So many wants.
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My head is full of maths! After next Monday and the exam is over I am never counting again!

At least on YouTube people have put up all the Cave lines from the Portal 2 DLC, so if you don't have time to have fun and play with Portals. Damn maths!

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And me with no spare time!


Mar. 9th, 2012 09:54 pm
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Space Core cuddly keyring!


I must have one! He can join my Pony army!
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Random drive by Turret post.

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Also know as "My God that's a lot of Pony!"

There is a smattering of Portal and BSG in there. But yeah, it's a lot of Pony. 119 Deviations, 3 scraps in 9 months.

A lot of Pony.

Top 5 According to DA Faves )
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There's going to be a Bridget Jones 3? Shows how much attention I pay to the world around me. But will it have fleeting James Callis?
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First they're releasing Volume 3 of the soundtrack, now the DLC is finally live. Pity it's mostly co-op and I have to brave the random partner finder to actually play it. Thank God for YouTube. Spoilers )

But will they go for the hat trick and release Half Life Ep 3?
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The most epic and Portal-ist proposal ever!
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Yay for drabble meme. There's still spaces, if you want to poke me with a prompt. Even if they aren't coming in order because the muse is rude. Sorry about that.

[ profile] obsessive_a101 asked for Lee and Kara - playing portals; Laura does the commentary. This is almost what she asked for.

Title: Thinking with Portals
Rating: Gen.
Characters: Kara, Lee and Laura.
A BSG/Portal 2 crossover...kind of.
Word Count 200

When do I get my gun? )

I see you!

Jul. 22nd, 2011 08:55 pm
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Wanna see it for reals? Stop by our display at SDCC (3200 ais... on Twitpic

Talking Turret toys! Now you can freak out in real life!
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In four months I've done far more digital art than in all the time before. We're talking more than double, maybe two thirds more. Huh. That's something.

Have some Portal kitties (darn you [ profile] portalkink and your adorable gen prompts).

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So freaking adorable. And evilly catchy.
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My ability to put words together is all...not good just now. But I am on a major art kick. God forbid I have two creative abilities at once. Mostly confounding ponies, but I've managed a bit of Portal 2 work as well.

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There's a Portal kink meme?


Adds bookmark. For science. Of course.
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Yeah, Turrets want you to think that they are cute. The truth is much more whiny.
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Portal 2 soundtrack released. For free!

First volume out now. Probably have to wait until the 3rd for the songs, but the music is good too.

The track Love As A Construct has the Companion Cube "singing!"
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How many video games out there that you can say that the replay value comes from the writing? Though there is something nice about being able to whiz pass puzzles I spent hours on trying to figure out. Hah, screw you puzzle, you're not tricking me this time!

But on the other hand, there are the times when I have a brain glitch and forget how I solved them. That's embarrassing,.

Wandering the internet, I came across this adorable picture of Portal's leading ladies. Ellen McLain, voice of GLaDOS and Alesia Glidewell, face of Chell. But no sign of old friend Deadly Neurotoxin.

I want to play Co Op. Goddamn slow postal service!
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Ponies and Portal, yep.

Here's GLaDOS! Clicking it will take you to the full version on Deviant Art, but be warned it's spoilery for Portal 2.



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