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Though it won't be so funny when Mists of Pandaria hits.
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After 3 years, it looks like Dust: An Elysian Tail is nearing completion, with a promised release date of "2012." And it still looks so very, very pretty! Damn, I'm going to have to steal the Sibling's X Box to play this!
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Wandering Youtube, I am reminded of the awesome of strategy games like Civ, Age of Empires and Caesar III (damn sibling stole my Caesar III!). Raining God-like powers on little computer people does wonders for stress. Until those little bastard rival tribes show up to ruin my utopia! That Age of Empires war horn haunted my dreams!


Jan. 11th, 2012 08:29 pm
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Here is a picture of me playing Zelda: Skyward Sword:


Damn it Link, I'm flailing horizontally, so why are you swinging your sword vertically!
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Getting Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Christmas: Yay!

Getting home and finding out it needs a remote accessory upgrade thing to play: Boo!
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It is far too much fun running into a group of the opposite team and setting them on fire before they manage to kill you. And I have managed to be on the top of the scoreboard about twice. I don't know whether that's down to skill on my part or the lack thereof of everyone else.

Though I am embarrassed to say it did not take them long to get some money out of me. Damn hats!
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But, but, free! Hats! Awesome animated trailers!

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Robot Unicorn Attack. Evil time eater, or evilest time eater?

*sings* Always, I wanna be with you, and make believe with you...
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I've never even played Half Life, so why did I spend the entire afternoon watching through 32 of these laughing madly?

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Ever since discovering you can play games on the Nintendo Wii, I am so tempted to get Portal 2. No, resist, what happened to my rule of if I have to buy games, buy them cheaper for later? Or just steal them from the sibling.

The new ending song isn't helping. Warning: is spoilery!

At first I thought it wasn't quite as good as Still Alive, but after a few listens now I'm hooked!
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So much flapping around. Yay free flying! Bad for distracting me when I have writing to do. Bad game!

Then again I've not been playing WoW for ages, so I do have spare gaming time.
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Oh God, all those hours spent trying to complete Sonics 1 and 2, those sounds effects in that trailer were causing serious flashbacks. I wonder if it'll have that damned evil robot Sonic who was a bitch to kill (seriously, it had spikes on it's back to stop bouncing on it, and that was all Sonic knew! Then when he was killed it turned out there was ANOTHER FREAKING BOSS AFTER THAT!). And a water level, oh God the water levels, with the scary ass soundtrack of OMG YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE!

A few years back I dug the old Mega Drive out of the cupboard and was a bit disappointed to discover that from playing it so much in my youth the moves were second nature enough to blast through each game in about an hour each.
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No you cannot get Star Trek online! Stop looking at it! Warcraft is more than enough! Stop it!
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New Zelda game a sequel to Majora's Mask?

That would be awesome, Ocarina/Majora's Link is my favorite Link. Though Majora's Mask used to freak me out for some reason.


Oh yeah, that was why.


Can't sleep now.
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Having enjoyed DM of the Rings (what if Lord of the Rings was a Dungeons and Dragons-esque campaign? Answer is absolute hilarity) and the more traditional webcomic the Order of the Stick, why have I only just discovered that there is a Star Wars version Darths and Droids?

It's probably sad that the plot to this makes more sense than the Star Wars prequels.

These webcomics always tempt me to try the old fashioned role playing games, though the math involved always scares me. With World of Warcraft you just have to mash the keyboard to kill things.
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One of those animated projects I've been keeping an eye on is An Elysian Tail, an animated film that has been in production for many years but as it is being done by just one person I think that can be forgiven.

But not only making an animated film, Dean Dodrill has also created a game, with only outside help on the score. Everything else, art, animation and programming has been done by him. And good lord is it pretty!

It won Microsoft's Dream-Build-Play competition. Not having an X Box I won't be able to play this which makes me sad, the closest I'm going to get is looking at the footage on youtube. But that animation is just gorgeous, and it's been animated by hand. Take that 3d animation!

I'm struggling with that happiness meme because my face is hurting. Damn toothache! I went to the dentists today but as he couldn't see anything obviously wrong beyond a hairline crack he can't do anything about yet because it's not infected, I was just sent away to get some sensitive toothpaste and see if that helps. I'm going to go take some heavy duty painkillers, if that helps that'll make me happy.
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Damn you Lets Play! Watching this is making me want to play Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Every weekend for a year me and my sister rented it from the video shop and we managed to complete it without any help from outside sources. Then some bastard saved over our game >:(.


Even though it's over 10 years old it still looks quite pretty. Plus Epona! Both of us wasted so much time just running around the field on her. Yay horsie!


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