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Currently hard on myself for noticing that yes, I do have a finite amount of energy/concentration and it's all going on college and sick grandmother at the moment. The things I am letting slide are the little personal projects that logical me knows can afford to slide, but I still kick myself anyway. Stupid brain.

Anyway, need to balance the bitching/funny cat gifs ratio.
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Oh Twilight, I can relate. But look, I managed to livejournal post within the week, so I am not tardy.

I have a weeks holiday now, yet my brain remains word free. Stupid brain! At least drawing remains easy.
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I don't have school anymore, you're supposed to defeat the cold bugs now!

And that means I can't concentrate to gush about how awesome Being Human was last night. Seriously, it was awesome, an impressive powerhouse of acting and writing. And added Nicola Walker!

Fuck you cold!
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End of the week and I'm exhausted, and I didn't even manage a full week of stuff. Stupid Tuesday.

Too tired to do anything more strenuous than steal stuff from the internet.


Disney movie poster mashups over at Empire. I have to give special mention to the proof that you do not want to fuck with Bambi.
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Happens every year. Post Christmas crash, and I'm using everything thing I need to get done to hit myself. Only thing to do is curl up on the couch and watch Boxing Day telly and ride it out.

Loved Doctor Who yesterday. More detail will come when my mood lifts, in a sentence it was Stephen Moffat's usual bag of tricks, but still very fun to watch.

Maybe I should go watch it again.
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New Guild day, which helps make up for the fact that registration for college today knocked me on my ass. I don't know why it should have, the main college registration takes place next week so it wasn't as if it was really busy or stressful or anything like that, and it was with the same tutor and the same room as last term so I wasn't having to deal with new things. Bleh.


Aug. 23rd, 2010 08:30 pm
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[ profile] polly1esther is making me do it!

If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own lj and replace any question that you dislike with a new question. Tag eleven people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

Questions and Answers )

And randomly tagging from my flist. And if you've already answered questions, those ones still count through the magic of timey wimey.
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[ profile] scifi_mel
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Ended up in the Elephant House for lunch. Sadly I didn't have my note book with me, otherwise I might have been able to say that I wrote [ profile] bsg_kink drabbles in the same place JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter.

At least the graffiti in the toilets was a bit more interesting than your average toilet wall. Though it needed more shipping flamewars.


I didn't add to it becasue I am good. And didn't have a pen.


Apr. 22nd, 2010 09:59 pm
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The wisdom tooth is on the move again, bastard thing, so I took painkillers and conked out on the couch and watched Up. Big mistake. That movie makes me bawl more than any movie with fun birds and talking dogs really has any right to.


Anyway, here are some more fun bird and talking dog pics. )
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The journal creation date was 4/3/09, but I didn't start posting in it until the 23rd, so I'm going to declare the anniversary today because that's a few days off being half way.

And because I can't think of anything else to say. And I want attention.


Feb. 14th, 2010 04:15 pm
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Think I'm coming down with a cold. Ick. Need to go drown myself in Lemsip.
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...I redid my icons. Still no writing. I fail.
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Wisdom tooth pain and stomach bugs do not make a winning combination :(. At least now I'm just feeling a bit icky and very sorry for myself. I'm going to go listen to the Doctor Who audio on the BBC play back thingy, hopefully Top Gear pisstakes and Paul McGann's sexy sexy voice will make me feel better.

Came across a Spooks article that helped with that. It has spoilers for the return of spoiler!

Spoilery spoilers and shirtless Richard Armitage )

Transmission date still hasn't been confirmed, the Beeb likes to keep those things close to their chests the sods, but it looks like October sometime. Squee!
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Made it to my first open learning class, going out to a two hour class a week to actually get stuff done but hopefully a first step back on the education road. Yay.

And I wrote another pron drabble too.
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For going overdrawn by £1.50, the bank is charging me £38.

I hate banks!


Aug. 25th, 2009 07:37 pm
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I should not nap during the day. It just makes me groggy and depressed. I need to do some mindless clicking but the Warcraft servers are down for maintenance. Woe.

I'll just have to make to with Neocrackpets instead.
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No idea if I'll actually make it, I'm struggling with just getting out a paragraph a day just now, let alone 1667 words a day. But I've figured out how to end my 2004 story (actually won that year) and it would be nice to actually have something finished.

Granted, it'll need extensive editing to make both halves fit, due to plotlines getting added and dropped, and characters having sex changes.
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No, they haven't created genetically altered mini horses (yet). That is a dwarf miniature horse. Of course, with the mathematically proven correlation of the smaller horse size = the greater the evil, he must be a right little bastard. Fear for your ankles!

In other news, my tag list is bugging me. Must resist making posts just to neaten them up *twitches*. I say that while sitting amongst impressive clutter of half-drunk mugs of tea, wrappers, books and papers.
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For the past month or so I have been doing something both productive and that got me out of the house, a photography and darkroom course. Very beginner stuff, but I have been having a great time. And I have fallen absolutely in love with making photo prints the old fashioned way! Unfortunately I can't afford to turn my cupboard into a darkroom, and my mother would probably be pissed at having to find somewhere else to put the vacuum cleaner, but hopefully there will be more classes I can take in the future.

Cut for large and artsy fartsy photos of signs! )
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Trying to do anything even vaguely creative is driving me nuts at the moment. Things are swimming along quite happily in my brain, but when it comes to getting them out of there and onto the keyboard, zip. Stupid brain.


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