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Laura Roslin: Queen of the Ponies!

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Finally gotten around to doing [ profile] astreamofstars's prompt from [ profile] bsg_epics Truth or Dare day.

Title: Broken Things
Rating: Gen.
Characters: Laura Roslin
Word Count 100
Spoilers: Pre-series

She begins cleaning the house the day after. )
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Now A Dance with Dragons is totally, honestly, one hundred percent coming out this summer, really!

Also, happy "Now 59 and looking damn good" day to Mary McDonnell!
(And also "an excellent excuse to repost this picture" day)
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A sunny day means gardening, yay. Apart from the part were I have to dig out bricks to be able to plant something that might even be dead already. Who puts bricks alongside a fence and then covers them with dirt anyway?

Though once I scraped off the topsoil this was what greeted me.

(Not the actual brick, as I didn't have my camera handy and it was covered in dirt.)

Damn it Bill, find a way to grieve that doesn't result in hard work for me!
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Mainlining Lemsip and new My Little Pony leads to, well...


Crappy mouse outlined pic is crappy, but I'm too sick to go on an epic search for my tablet.
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Title: Remainder 1/3
Author: [ profile] bibliodragon
Rating: T
Spoilers: Daybreak
Word Count: 3021
Summary: Laura Roslin had given her all, and had reached the end of the line. What more could they possibly want from her? (Your humanity, obviously. What else is there?)
Author's Notes: This one has been ratteling around in my head since the finale way back in 2009. My promise to myself that I wouldn't post any more WIPs lasted as long as it took for this thing to take on a life on it's own, but I am hoping the time between updates won't take as long as my other one.

Between one heartbeat and the next, there was an eternity, suspended above water clear as glass and full of stars, constellations rippling to meet the sky expanding and contacting to one single point of light. )
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Having been brewing for ages (since March), it's finally here!

The Division Bell Master Post

With my writing speed this was the only way I could ever get in on [ profile] bsg_bigbang, though my chapter did end up being my longest single piece of work at 5000 odd words.

Thank you [ profile] icedteainthebag and [ profile] mmegiry for your impressive wrangling skills, as well as all the other, totally awesome authors, betas and buttkickerscheerleaders. It was a ball!

Cigars for all!

Mine eyes!

Mar. 29th, 2010 12:47 pm
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If it wasn't for the fact that I'm on the crash after a slight burst of creativity, I would be writing so much Laura/Cavil to get back at those kinky bitches and their Laura/Figurski fics over at [ profile] bsg_kink.

Some horrors are just not meant to be, dammit! (I love you ladies and your sick minds ;))
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TITLE: And Inevitably
AUTHOR: [ profile] bibliodragon
WORDS: 100

A sequel to And After. More afterlife adventures of Laura and Kara.

Unbe-frakking-lievable! )
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For [ profile] ar_drabbles. Becasue drabbles are like crack. Just like denial.

TITLE: And After
AUTHOR: [ profile] bibliodragon
PAIRINGS: Hints of A/R, K/L
WORDS: 100

Laura turned away from the reunion before her, tucking back her windswept hair. )
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Solitary Confinement
Rating: G
Spoilers: Colonial Day
Character: Laura Roslin, slight A/R
Word Count: 100
For the [ profile] rememberlaura Alphabet Drabble Challenge, I for Isolation.

Isolation had very little to do with the actual physical reality. )

And I'll have some kinky drabbles to claim once the [ profile] bsg_kink Drabble Challenge results are up. I'm still terribly amused how when it came to writing pr0ny stuff I jumped straight in to the kink.
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Laura Roslin and Gaius Baltar. Perhaps the last thing you'd think off when thinking of the relationship between these two would be sexy hotness, but you would be very wrong indeed. A closer reading of canon reveals a very different story.

Granted, this reading has to be done through the view point of one Gaius Baltar, and his mind is a disturbed, dark and dirty place. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times and make sure you've had all your vaccinations.

Totally not deluded hotness within )

Pics from
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[ profile] lullabymoon asked: I see you watch a lot of scifi that have strong women characters (awesome socks! :D) and I want to know not who your top five are but your top five scifi outfits.

And so, in no particular order:

Fashion! )
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They may be separated by thousands of years, but there is more linking President Laura Roslin and Special Agent Dana Scully than just their hair colour and their level of awesome.

Celebrating Two of Science Fictions Best Redheads. )
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Or why season 4 of Battlestar Galactica wasn't quite as good as its previous seasons. Sure, you can talk about the writers strike, the gradual decrease in quality that tends to happen the longer a series goes on, whatever drugs the writers were smoking. But all would be wrong, for I have discovered the true cause.

Laura Roslins hair.

The proof. )

The math is simple. Laura Roslin with hot hair= quality. Laura Roslin without hot hair= lower quality. This theory is 100 per cent scientific, and not an excuse to post pictures of Laura Roslin and talk about her hair.

This doesn't count. )


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