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Because I'll never get 100 posts done if I don't do them! And to segue on nicely from the last one...


In 1999 to much fanfare and celebrity voices, a tv series of Watership Down was made. The film was awesome, but there still was a lot of fodder left in the book, and I was hoping for something akin to the Animals of Farthing Wood, complete with darkness, if not baby mice impaled on thorns or Watership's own bunny coughing blood trapped in a snare.

But wile Farthing Wood was a European collaboration, this one came with help from across the pond, Canada to be exact. And while a similar partnership brought about a pretty good Redwall adaption around the same time, this one was...not as good. But to be fair, it was in the shadow of a bunny snuff film brilliant previous adaptation.

Cut For Bunny Cuteness )

TL:DR, cute bunnies being cute. When not waging war.

Images stolen from Thank U Stars.
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Everyone knows animation is just for kids. And so animated bunnies must be doubly for kids, right? Look at that cute dvd cover! Bunnies!

And that's how children everywhere learned to fear rabbits (seriously, I've had pet rabbits, those things can fuck you up!). And yet, it was awesome!

I was a squeamish child, so I had to watch most of this through my fingers until I learned the spots to look away. But I still watched it so many times I could learn when to look away.

There's just something about Watership Down. It's very much the opposite to Disney; many of the characters are hard to tell apart unless you're paying attention, the distinct lack of big cute eyes, the gloomy and subtle yet beautiful watercolor backgrounds, the swearing. I mean, how many movies got a blatant 'PISS OFF!' past the censors?

And yes, the bunny gore.

Cut for 'This got a G rating?' bunny gore )


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