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Though still two episodes of Lucus being a cock still to go, yay.

28. How would you end the show?

When Harry leaves, preferably a quiet handing in his notice like Malcolm's, with the Grid continuing on, full of pretty spies saving the country while having angst.

29. Least favourite dodgy government type?

Mace was a bastard, but too much of a magnificent bastard to be a least favourite, and I don't suppose the real life government types are allowed, huh. How about the Home Office toady who didn't want Helen's death avenged, prompting Harry to go 'fuck it' and do it anyway.

30. Something you learned from watching the show

The sheer quantity of angst and emo that keeps this country safe.

30 days of Spooks )
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Spooks Series 9 ep 6 )

26. Favourite dodgy government type?

Ickle Home Secretary was quite cute, pity he exploded. But new, gruff Tory bastard Home Secretary is quite amusing too.

27. What would you want to see in a Spooks movie?

Would Spooks even work as a movie? It's got that slick, movie style to it already, and with a bigger movie budget for more explosions and special effects they might loose the moments of quiet, old style spy drama. So I guess that means I'd want to see that.

30 days of Spooks )
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Legend of the Guardians was unbelievably pretty, though the storyline was nothing new. So kind of like Avatar, except on the safer ground of Good Owls versus Baddie Nazi Owls rather than Avatar's unthinking racism.

Young Adama adventures now a TV backdoor pilot. Hmm, I think that is a good sign Caprica's not getting another series. That and the horrible ratings (seriously, it's getting beaten by Stargate: Galactica, that is depressing). Oh well, bring on canon-defying young Laura and I might be able to stick with that one.

And it is still Spooks month. 23. Favourite personal interaction between characters?

Ruth's first appearance, entering the meeting room and dropping her files, Harry's joking/flirting thing and Tom, Danny and Zoe's WTF? faces.

24. Favourite quote?

This one is thanks to's quotes page (seriously needs some updating, by the way), so I can't remember what episode it's from.
Colin Wells: Didn't we bug this suite when Bill Clinton used it?
Malcolm Wynn-Jones: We did.
Colin Wells: Happy days!

25. Dream guest star?

I'm going to go for broke, Mary McDonnell as one of Harry's many opposite CIA numbers.

30 days of Spooks )
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21. An episode that made you cry?

Some of the deaths hit hard. DANNY! I was sniffling away from the moment of his big speech and shooting, but then there was Ruth at the end with the body and I was full on bawling. Then there was Colin. COLIN!

22. Favourite actor?

Like actresses, the show has had a lot of good actors, guesting and main cast. Even the main three of Tom, Adam and Lucas have all been well acted, even if the writing of their manpain got annoying at times. Peter Firth has been doing a good job as Harry all these years, capible of subtle and scenery chewing. And David Oyelowo was always good, I always felt he was the better actor but restrained from blowing Matthew Macfadyen off the screen when the script had Danny playing second fiddle to Tom.

30 days of Spooks )

Spy Monday

Oct. 18th, 2010 10:21 pm
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Series 9 ep 5 )

19. Least interesting plot?

I ened up drifting away during six's series long Iranian thing, so it's safe to say I'm not too keen on that one.

20. Plot that should have been developed/carried on?

The series finale cliffhangers that are usually brushed off within the first act of the new series opener could always stand to go on a bit longer, I don't know maybe they think after waiting a year we'd get bored and wander off if they didn't bring up some new crisis only tangently related to the last one.

30 days of Spooks )
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14. Favourite quote?

So many good lines to choose from. Today's one is from the season 9 opener, so spoilers. )

15. Tom, Adam, Lucas: who would win in a fight?

Three way tie in a manpain off. Oh, you mean fisticuffs? In a straight fight I'd say Lucas, those years in a Russian prison would have either toughened him up or killed him.

16. Favourite actress?

Nicola Walker. But there are also many other awesome actresses who have gone through Spooks' doors that if it weren't for my blinkers when it comes NW I would have had a real problem picking just one.

17. Least favourite episode?

Rock star episode. The horror. That was just...embarrassing.

18. Most interesting plot?

Connie being evil was good and awful (oooo no Connie don't be bad, you're awesome!) and they probably could have gone into that in more depth, even though I don't think my nerves could have taken it.

30 days of Spooks )


Oct. 11th, 2010 10:13 pm
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Series 9 ep 4 )

Day 13. Favourite couple?

Do I have to say anything?


30 days of Spooks )
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11. Favourite male character?

Harry! At first he was just the boss, with the focus mainly on the pretty, angsty young things, but over 9 years and Peter Firth's wonderful performance he's become the back bone of the show. And that's not just because he's the only one who's been there from the very start.

Though I do also have a soft spot for Tom. He was the original pretty emo spy.

12. Least favourite male character?

Here I was stuck, as while Adam could get on my nerves I wouldn't say I hated him. Then I remembered Andy Serkis from that rock star episode. Poor Gollum, but by god that character was annoying.

30 days of Spooks )
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9. Favourite baddie?

Connie. Even though she did redeem herself taking a bomb to the face, that initial betrayal was quite the kick in the arse. And going for so long with out getting detected, she's probably one of the more competent of villains.

And Mace was quite the glorious bastard.

10. Least favourite baddie?

Not!Christine, easy. Though I wasn't pleased with how Juliet went from Government body antagonist to eeeeevil. And the whole of Russia gets boring after a while.

30 days of Spooks )
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New Apprentice, and it's the adult version so that means no Alan Sugar being nice because he might make the teenagers cry. Though since it's the beginning all the candidates are an indistinguishable mass of smug and sound bites.

But seriously, a sales technique consisting of a strange man going door to door asking if people wanted to buy his sausages? I'm surprised none of them got arrested.

And continuing with month of Spooks Day 8. Worst exit?

Zoe's was a bit of a muddle, but it's got to be Zaf. Captured at the beginning of series 7, what happened to him? Would it be that over the course of the series they eventually find out what happened and track him down, perhaps mount an epic rescue? No, we got to watch Adam have epic manpain and tuns out Zaf was just tortured and killed. Poor Zaf! Fucking writers!

30 days of Spooks )
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Season finale, sob. But next season set up, yay! And surprise Moist!

Month of Spooks Day 7: Best exit?

Spooks certainly has gone through characters, so that means lots of dramatic exits. It's tough to narrow it down to just one. There are tragic ones (Danny! Colin!), emotional ones (Ruth! Even though she came back). The "contract negotiations go south" ones (Ros, sob!) Hmm, I'm going to go with Helen. That was one memorable exit. Meanwhile the newbies are saying who's that? I have three words for you: deep fat fryer. Of DOOM!

It's hard to get across just how shocking that one really was. Even the event itself isn't all that graphic compared to the in your face gore you get nowadays. Which of course makes it worse as it gives the imagination just enough to go on. But there was the crafty promotional material that put her as one of the main characters, and the actress was the best known out of the youngsters. Plus, British dramas just didn't do that, where storylines are spoilered in the tabloids constantly. Spooks managed to slip under the radar because it was new and no one really cared just yet. Now they had to deal with bloody spoilers just like the soaps do.

30 days of Spooks )
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Series 9 Ep 3 )

And it's meme days 4,5 and 6!

4. Favourite female character?

RUTH! Oh how I love Ruth. I've had the biggest crush on Nicola Walker since The Last Train and Chalk (I know, shut up), so Ruth had me the moment she dropped her files. Then she battled a lamp!

Her development from enthusiastic and naive GCHQ plant to ruling the Grid to out in the field to the more world-weary, pragmatic woman she is now, she (and Harry) have added some good old fashioned spy intrigue and depth amongst all the snazzy camera work and face paced action. Plush, she's a cat person!

But I also have to mention Ros. When she first showed up I HATED her, and her involvement in Ruth leaving, even though that was down to behind the scenes pregnancy, did not endear her to me. But when I came back to Spooks in series 8 she won me over. Her leadership was a nice change of pace from the chronic manpain of Adam and Tom; she was cold, ruthless and brilliant, and the writers wisely didn't try and soften her with crying or irritating relationships (hello Tom, Adam and Lucas!), instead letting Hermione Norris bring the depth to her in her performance.

5. Least favourite female character?

Oh, that's got to be Not!Christine. So least that I can't even remember her name. Even if she did become slightly more interesting as the series went on, her American accent travelling across the states in a single scene was still irritating as hell. And you know it's a bad accent if I notice it!

6. Favourite location?


Go Thames House that is not really Thames House! The Masons certainly have impressive architecture. And when I spot similar buildings here I can pretend that MI5 agents are inside, saving the UK and having angst and being all secretive. Instead of just, you know, Masons.

30 days of Spooks )
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Since Brewfest hates me, I have been turning to fishing on the small chance that I may fish up the Sea Turtle. And look!


At least the Sea Turtles love me. Stupid Kodo!

And that also means...


So now I have to find some other things to do to waste time before the Cataclysm hits.

Memeness. 3. Favourite guest star?

Hmm, Spooks certainly has had it's share of awesome guest actors. On the serious side, got to go with Alexander Siddig. I only ever knew him as the irritatingly adorable Bashir from Star Trek, and here he was as this scruffy, ambiguous Algerian agent, managing to keep the uncertainty about his allegiance without having to resort being dishonest in his performance. And then all becomes perfectly clear with that tragic ending and moment of bravery. Such a shame he was only a one episode character.

But I also have to give special mention to Hugh Laurie chewing the Grid as Harry's MI6 counterpart Jools Siviter. From his careless snarking at Tom to keeping top secret documents in his trousers, practically every line of his is a classic. It's a pity that Hugh Laurie's American success meant that we never got to see any more of him.

30 days of Spooks )
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2. When did you start watching?

Right from the very beginning, baby! To get freaked out by the Deep Fat Fryer of Doom and the year long wait to find out the fate of Tom and the Locked Door and Explosive Laptop! Remember when that was the worst thing to happen to him? Good times.

And to think I only started watching because I heard Anthony Stewart Head was going to guest star and it was during that sad, reduced-Giles season of Buffy and I needed my sexy Librarian fix.

Rest of the days )
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1. Favourite episode?

Tough call, but thinking it over I've got to go with ep 2.05. Or "the one with the apocalypse." Except not. But even though you know that they can't really have killed the country, it's the way the characters react that makes this one and makes it rewatchable.But even though it is not the end of the world, there are still spoilers. )

Rest of the days )


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