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And straight away you are taunting me with dragons. No, I am not buying your gold dragon, I only waste my money on the pets! Stop it!
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Part 1


Even the strangely American Viking teens are enchanted by the cuteness.

Cut for more spoilers and even more dangerous levels of cuteness )
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Dreamworks can be forgiven for a cynical Holiday cash grab when it's OMGSOOOCUUUTE! So Much Cuteness! Must Cap Cuteness!

Cut for spoilers and cuteness )

Part 2
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Anne McCaffrey dead at 85.

Oh Anne, your Pern books may have driven me batty with all the issues (so many issues) but I still devoured them like dragon crack. If only I had come across them in my teen years I know I would have genuinely loved the shit out of them, instead of the self-righteous hipster snarking of now. And while may have been ridden with questionable sexual issues, she certainly could turn a phrase.
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So much flapping around. Yay free flying! Bad for distracting me when I have writing to do. Bad game!

Then again I've not been playing WoW for ages, so I do have spare gaming time.
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What to do when you're feeling miserable? Get your favorite scene in all recent animation and screencap the hell out of it.

This scene, God, the animation, the lighting, the acting, the tiny amount of dialog, and the music, so utterly, utterly gorgeous. And this is a Dreamworks animated film! Though it is also a film by the same directors as Lilo and Stitch.


Very not kind to bandwidth at 183! images. )
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Things I need to research after November if I'm going to turn this thing into a proper story:

Pre-Industrial Revolution charcoal production.

My story has charcoal burning dragons in it. Who knew?

20535 / 50000 words. 41% done!
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Blizzard do do awesome cinematics. But I wonder how many times I'll get ganked by him?
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If How to Train your Dragon was European arthouse. Very impressive that it was done with open source.
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Because I have some nice markers and coloured pencils and really should use them more, here is a picture of young Iskierka from the Temeraire novels.

MY cow! )
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On Starlit Wings 4/?

Rating: Teen

Characters: Bill Adama, Ensemble

Summary: Captain William Adama and the crew of the dragon Galactica are to be posted to the Americas; Britain's Aerial Dragon Corps having little use for the aging dragon. But first there is the treacherous crossing of the Atlantic to be taken; tensions between the crews of ship and dragon and family, and why has the Lady Laura Roslin taken passage aboard a dragon transport ship? And then there are rumours of sightings of the ships and dragons of a group of pirates known only as the Cylons... A Battlestar Galactica/Temeraire crossover AU.

Disclaimer: Not my characters, I'm just borrowing them. Not my world, I'm just playing in it. They belong to RDM, Syfy etc. and Naomi Novik.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Notes: 8 months since the last update, and despite all that time I show up with this one where not very much happens. I do have a plot, roughly, and hopefully it won't take so long to actually get to it from now on.

Galactica had travelled by sea enough times to know that one day was often very much like the other, with only the hope of battle to interrupt the routine of sleeping and eating and sleeping again. )
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Yes, I have been trying to grab new eggs, what tipped you off?

Also, I have dentist tomorrow. WHY DO YOU HATE ME TEETH AND PIXELS?!
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Ashes to Ashes was awesomely mysterious. Spoilers )

Also saw How to Train Your Dragon in 3d, it was awesomely cute and worth the 3d headache I am now suffering.


More Memes!

Mar. 6th, 2010 03:00 pm
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That letters one. [ profile] missbevcrusher gave me the letter d. So now I have to come up with 10 things I love starting with the letter d.

That is surprisingly hard.

1. Dana Scully. This requires no explanation, because Dana Scully is awesome! Oh you want one? Well, anyone who can run in high heels, shoot you and then do the autopsy is not someone you want to piss off.

2. Dragons! Just, dragons! I have waded though so much awful just because they have dragons in them. Though if a movie had Jeremy Irons and dragons both in them, run away!

3. The Doctor, no matter how irritatingly emo he can get, he's still the Doctor.

4. The other Doctor, the most interesting character on Voyager who wasn't initially hired for his boobs.

5. Disney animation. While Disney the corporation is evil and terrifying, their animation is lovely, and even those that are bad from a movie point of view are still watchable because of the efforts of the animators.

6. Dogs. I do love both cats and dogs, each species with their different charms, and dogs are just so happy most of the time.

7. Discworld, my favorite fantasy land. It's not just a monotone land of hats, all sorts of different species and cultures and places that all have their own unique feel. Oh Pterry!

8. Dvds. My flat is a shrine to dvds! Going fully digital would save a lot of space, but it's not the same if you don't have to open up the dvd case, then open up all the others when you realise the one you actually want is in the wrong case somewhere.

9. Dodgy old british sci-fi. Because when your space ships are made out of tin foil and your aliens out of bubble wrap, you have to have to rely on an actual decent script.

10. David Bowie. Because without his music there would be no Gene Hunt! Plus, it's good music too!
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Since everyone else is doing it. Though mines a little bit different since I have such a hard time anything out of mu head, this is some work in progress still stuck in my head and one actual physical wip.

Out damned bunnies, out! )

Bizarre Temeraire/BSG crossover is bizarre and relentless )
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She's started reading my Anne McCaffrey books, but can I convince her to read Terry Pratchett? Can I hell!

Dammit, he's good fantasy!


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