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...and how I'm fighting with myself not to try NaNoWriMo. Yes, yes, I know you want to start writing again, but you're shattered enough as it is without trying to force 1667 words a day. College needs to come first, and if you really want to write do some fanfic.


Oh you shut up now, I see. Stupid brain, I do want to try writing fanfic again!

But that means I still have other pressing problems to consider. Tonight, do I watch 4 smegheads in space or Alan Sugar yelling at teenagers? TV scheduling is very inconsiderate!
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Is it really happening this time? And back to tv first?

I'll get the celebratory gifs on standby. They have been disappointed too many times.
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Let's see, there's Merlin, Spooks, Doctor Who and the Body Farm, which might be good in spite of the lack of Trevor Eve shouting. Summer can hurry up and bugger off now, especially when it's mostly causing flooding now.
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The world better not end before Doctor Who tonight! Even if it is a Matthew Graham ep.

After, feel free to end it before Casualty though, despite the fact it freaks me out if I watch a few minutes off it I have to watch the whole thing.
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Time of death has been officially announced for the Stargate franchise.

So, how many years until the reboot? Five, ten? Justin Bieber as Jack O'Neill?
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Now where will I get my shouty Trevor Eve fix?

Though surprise creepy sexy-voiced Paul McGann was a nice goodbye present.
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Alright, guess what I forgot to watch on Thursday, despite posting a reminder to myself. But thanks to the BBC iPlayer I was able to watch it. And I liked it. No, it wasn't an adaptation so much as taking some characters and ideas and putting them in a new plot, but while the novel may not be of epic length the thing is dense, and I don't know if it would be possible to do an adaptation that makes sense in just an hour.

And while Stephen Mangan may be too attractive to be book!Dirk Gently, I'm not going to complain about that.
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Note to self: remember this is on Thursday.

Though even if this is horrible it's won me over with Stephen Mangan.
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...I'm taking you all with me!

the TV TROPES meme
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New Sherlock. It's very definitely love. Need more than 3 episodes, and need them now!

Curse you Doctor Who!
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Reading through this weeks issue I managed to notice that one of Mary McDonnell's episodes of the Closer is on More 4 next Thursday. Yay!

Now I just have to remember that.
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More reptiles with boobs. )

Anyway, time for some crack of the Eurovision variety. And we really, really don't want to win, do we. Then again if we did we wouldn't be able to bitch about how Europe hates us and how unfair it is we only get piddly amounts of points.
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I mean, he's a fine actor, but Rincewind? What the hell where they thinking?

Anyway, this might be ok. Straight away it's "Angua apperance, squee!" which is immediately followed by "nooo wait that's wrong, that's not how it's done in the books!" But they got me the minute Richard Coyle showed up, yum. And from that brief bit of footage it looks like Charles Dance has got Vetinari down.

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I don't even watch Lost, but that made me laugh (though even though I don't watch it I do know that the polar bear at least was explained.)

(And if you change the names you get the finale of a certain series that I DID watch.)

Oh Balls

Jan. 12th, 2010 01:46 pm
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I got distracted with Being Human goodness on Sunday (yay werewolves and ghosts and not lame! vampires) that I forgot about new Law and Order: UK on Monday. Damn it, I missed the doink doink! Thank God for internet catchup!
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Watching Last Chance To See reminds me that I have to see if I can pry my copy of the original book back off the sibling. It's awesome, and I recommend it if you like Douglas Adams, animals or just reading a really funny book, while the tv show has Stephen Fry.
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I quite like Merlin, it's daft fun Saturday evening family fare. There's King Giles and slightly dodgey cgi and the dragon's gotten more interesting now it turns out he's a bit of a bastard, and the kid who plays Merlin is adorable. Though sadly Arthur with his shirt off doesn't do much for me.
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Just watched the ER finale. Oh ER! Back in the day I loved that show so much. Had I been on the internet at the time no doubt I would have been responsible for so much Mary Sue fanfic.

It was a good finale.


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