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Click for bigger at DA.

Crit chickens are love! (Even though I am cheating on her with a gnome mage just now!)
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Also know as "My God that's a lot of Pony!"

There is a smattering of Portal and BSG in there. But yeah, it's a lot of Pony. 119 Deviations, 3 scraps in 9 months.

A lot of Pony.

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You think you've escaped from doing stuff in November just because I'm not too sure my I my appalling work ethic can cope with NaNo and college at the same time? Ha. It is to laugh! I have come up with my own thing!


Basically, when I draw I can't give myself breaks. I need to get it finished in one! And this means on the many occasions when my concentration wanes I end up rushing the piece to get it done. But in the month of November, I am going to spend just 20 minutes a day on one single piece. This means that by the end of the month I'll have spent about 10 hours on the piece, and yet still have time to do my normal, must be done in one drawings.

Ha, brain! How do you like that?

No, you can't stab yourself with a cotton bud. Bad brain!
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Oh God, night shooting! Photos taken at the Enchanted Forest, brought to you by the words "stupid focus!" "Goddamn people wanting to get past me when I am trying to focus here!" and "OMG auto focus, you just went right past the clear focus you bastard!"

The next day I learned to manual focus.

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In four months I've done far more digital art than in all the time before. We're talking more than double, maybe two thirds more. Huh. That's something.

Have some Portal kitties (darn you [ profile] portalkink and your adorable gen prompts).

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...and not as ponies, OMG! Little cartoon Bill and Laura.


Look at me, branching out to drawing human beings! Always struggled with that.
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My ability to put words together is all...not good just now. But I am on a major art kick. God forbid I have two creative abilities at once. Mostly confounding ponies, but I've managed a bit of Portal 2 work as well.

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Space Core! Oh how I love him (Portal 2 spoilers.) A distraction from waiting for Royal Mail to hurry up and deliver my copy of Portal 2!
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I had been thinking off doing Doctor Whooves with various companions (and if you need convincing that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is awesome, it has almost canon Doctor!), but the sad news means that Sarah Jane just had to be first.


And see if you can read through the Newsround tribute page and all those tributes from children without getting dust in your eyes.
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How to make something so darn cute as brightly coloured ponies with tattoos on their butts even cuter? Show them as little kids. I may be in a diabetic coma now.

Fandom ponies continue to eat my brain, but the state of merchandising got there first today.

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Amount of words written for [ profile] bsg_remix: none.

Amount of minutes spent studying for spreadsheets test tomorrow: none.

What I have been doing is drawing more ponies, so much so I've had to make a deviantart account to put them. Damn those soothing pastel colours!
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Because I have some nice markers and coloured pencils and really should use them more, here is a picture of young Iskierka from the Temeraire novels.

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For the past month or so I have been doing something both productive and that got me out of the house, a photography and darkroom course. Very beginner stuff, but I have been having a great time. And I have fallen absolutely in love with making photo prints the old fashioned way! Unfortunately I can't afford to turn my cupboard into a darkroom, and my mother would probably be pissed at having to find somewhere else to put the vacuum cleaner, but hopefully there will be more classes I can take in the future.

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