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Winds of Winter sample chapter!

So how many years do we have to wait for this thing again?
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Anne McCaffrey dead at 85.

Oh Anne, your Pern books may have driven me batty with all the issues (so many issues) but I still devoured them like dragon crack. If only I had come across them in my teen years I know I would have genuinely loved the shit out of them, instead of the self-righteous hipster snarking of now. And while may have been ridden with questionable sexual issues, she certainly could turn a phrase.
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Snuff by Terry Pratchett )
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Hilarious Animorphs reviews. These will help tide me over until the re-release schedule gets to the ones I haven't read.

Oh Animorphs. Man those books went to to some dark places. Kids books aren't nearly mentally scarring enough these days. Get of my lawn!
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Whar next book GRRM, whar?
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Finished the last book now. Man, if I didn't know A Dance with Dragons is out next month I would be pissed. Spoilery rambling for all four books. )

Now I've read the books it's safe to watch the tv show now. I'll have to catch it on dvd. Luckily I have this to tide me over until then.
bibliodragon: (Fluttershy Scared) matter how loud you shout at the book the people inside it just won't listen!

Continuing to read Game of Thrones, and yes I definitely see what the fuss was all about now.
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Now A Dance with Dragons is totally, honestly, one hundred percent coming out this summer, really!

Also, happy "Now 59 and looking damn good" day to Mary McDonnell!
(And also "an excellent excuse to repost this picture" day)
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Third read author of mine passes away.

From [ profile] fail_fandomanon, and then looking at this mailing list, Diana Wynne Jones has died after a battle with cancer. One of my favorite fantasy authors, Howl's Moving Castle, Dogsbody, Dark Lord of Derkholme and many others are constant rereading fodder.
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Brian Jacques dies.

I bought so many Redwall books, right up until they started losing it slightly (the same all rats/foxes/weasels are EVIL>:(! without nuance got old as I got old. The Taggerung was the worst. Of course a child brought up by a warlord would be automatically believe what his adoptive family was doing was evil, without any self doubt or self examination just because he was an otter. At least in Outcast of Redwall Veil had the entire Abbey waiting for him to screw up because of his species.)

The early ones were the best, with Redwall right there with Watership Down in the genre of 'Books with violence and murder and blood. You know, for kids!'
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Dick King-Smith passes away.

I read so many of his books: the Fox Busters, The Sheep Pig, the Water Horse, the Queen's Nose just some of them. So many awesome animal stories. He was right up there with Roald Dahl for my most read authors growing up.
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My consumption of new books has really slowed down, but in my defence I am rereading a lot. Damn you Terry Prattchet and your re-readability!

Jeremy and Amy: The Extraordinary Story of One Man and His Orang-utan by Jeremy Keeling (Author), Rick Broadbent (Collaborator) )

The Tree of Seasons by Stephen Gately )

I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett )

Tongues of Serpents by Naomi Novik )


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