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Of course, no film set in Scotland can go without a kilt joke. But at least the accents are real. Or mostly real anyway, but it's Emma Thompson so that can be forgiven.
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My God that has to be the biggest death count in a Pixar film!

(And yes, it's as much as a cynical cash grab as the trailers would have you believe.)
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And we have our first Pixar female protagonist. It only took 12 movies. Sadly not the first female director, as she got fired and replaced.
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Actually, I'm being melodramatic, I did like the first one, despite still thinking it's Pixar's weakest. Though considering it wrapped itself up pretty well, what could to do for a sequel? Add spies and explosions, apparently. And many, many merchandising opportunities.

So much merchandising.

But look at the short that's going to be shown before it!

MORE KEN AND BARBIE YAY! Oh, and some other characters.
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The end of Toy Story 3 nearly killed me with warm fuzzies. But the awesomeness can be described with just one gif.


Also, he may be an evil bastard but I want my own cuddly Lotso, He smells like strawberries!


Apr. 29th, 2010 02:44 pm
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Pixar's scarily accurate 80's ad for one of their new Toy Story characters, complete with fuzzy recording and hypnotic jingle.

Now I must go buy one.


Apr. 22nd, 2010 09:59 pm
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The wisdom tooth is on the move again, bastard thing, so I took painkillers and conked out on the couch and watched Up. Big mistake. That movie makes me bawl more than any movie with fun birds and talking dogs really has any right to.


Anyway, here are some more fun bird and talking dog pics. )
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From the latest Toy Story 3 trailer.
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Up gets a Best Picture Oscar nomination.

Go Up! Even though it'll probably lose out to the blue cat people, but still, first Best Picture nom for an animated film since Beauty and the Beast! Ha ha, suck on that Jeffrey Katzenberg. He's probably crying into his millions from Shrek sequels right now.
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Tuesday is Guild day (and helps make up for WoW server maintenance day).

I'm loving Bladezz sister. "He's asking for you for a three-way."

New Toy Story 3 trailer makes me feel old. And guilty about my old toys stuffed in cupboards.
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Watched Up. It made me happy and sad.

Loved the bird, I could just watch animation of that thing moving about for hours.
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This weeks Guild gives me WoW raiding flashbacks. The Axis of Anarchy chat room reminds me of too many vent conversations. So many swears. Felicia Day is still too frickin adorkable!

Not content with waiting until whenever the UK arm of Disney distribution decides to release their films, I have gone in search of spoilers, and found some for Toy Story 3 and Cars 2. Toy Story 3 is determined to make me cry, I just know it, though Cars 2 still hasn't killed my fears its being done for merchandising, and I say that as someone who actually liked the original.

Yay Pixar!

May. 31st, 2009 01:26 pm
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In related news, I need to see UP, the spoilers are killing me.
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I want a WALL-E computer case. And unlike most robots (and PCs), he doesn't want to destroy all humans.
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Up: Dug the Talking Dog feature.

I want to see this movie now. But I see at IMDB that the UK release date is in October. Disney really need to follow Dreamworks and have a worldwide release date, so people won't have to *cough* find other ways to see their movies.


Apr. 4th, 2009 03:09 pm
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It's probably a sign I've been on the internet too long when my first response to this
is "yeah, there is going to be a shit load of furry porn of that."

Anyway, Ice Age 3. The first trailer, featuring said furry baiting squirrel looks fun, though the trailer that actually shows some plot looks cute if a bit bland. And I see the creators gave up and put dinosaurs in. Paleontologists are probably crying about now.

Ice Age 3 Trailers )

I'll probably *cough* aquire that before deciding whether to go see it at the cinema.

I'm looking forward to Pixar's latest, Up. At first I was only mildly interested, I liked that the main character was an old man, not very traditional but with each trailer I've gradually been won over. Russel the kid looks adorable, but it was this this trailer that really got my attention.

Up Trailer )

OMG talking dog! I am easy for such cuteness. I've liked all the Pixar movies (yes, even Cars), so that looks like a safe bet.


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