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Portal the Animated Series. So many wants.
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Here are some Olympians and Paralympians on a bus, as Chris Hoy is off to get the Freedom of the City of Edinburgh. Note the fabulous Scottish weather.
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Here's something interesting. The B roll for the Doctor Who TVM has found it's way onto the YouTubes.

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Andy Murray...won? Again?

What strange beautiful world is this?
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Sadly comes to a close with a Coldplay concert the Paralympic Closing Ceremony. No more snazzy Paralympic credits! Which YouTube does not have! >:(

Have to make do with Channel 4's Superhumans trailer instead, now full of familiar faces.


Sep. 8th, 2012 08:46 pm
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That went as well as any episode preceded by the words 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship written by Chris Chibnall' could be expected to go. A few eye-rolling bits, lots of crack, the Doctor did that thing that'll probably cause lots of wank and dinosaurs.

Edited to add: and also bits that were awesome, above makes it sound like I was all down on it. Damn, I am a Doctor Who downer these days. Will sort out which bit was which later, tomorrow probably.

Well poop!

Sep. 3rd, 2012 08:36 pm
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Five years of Warcraft and never getting hacked. Until now.

My poor characters, left in undies and tabards. At least Blizzard are quick to get going once I sent in my ticket. Just running all my scans before applying to get it turned back over to me.

But in good news Digger won the Best Graphic Story Hugo. Yay!
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New Who was...okay. I had some issues that make it sound I was irritated, but mainly? Meh. But I don't think that meh is down to the episode itself, it wasn't as if it was godawful just...meh.

Spoiler of the Daleks )

Next week has dinosaurs on a spaceship. If I'm mehing at that I will have to admit something is wrong with me. Oh wait, Chibnall! Damn it Chibnall.
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Still best. Cauldron. EVER!
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I cannot emphasize enough how much I hate technology just now. If it's not Blizzard and their fail WoW parches, it's my new graphics card being too good for my old piece of shit monitor.

I feel your pain, FailCat. I just want my computer games the same way you want your cat food! Stupid metaphorical cone of shame!
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All hail the surge protected plug! No more toasters killing my graphics cards!

"Fine, guess I'll just have to make do with destroying humanity then."
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Toaster did it again. Toaster has been airlocked.

Now for a new graphics card. TO PC WORLD!
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It's just not the same turning on to BBC 1 and finding Bargain Hunt on.

But we still have the awesome of the BBC's animated advert for the games. And those golds.

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Find out the Tol Barad Fox Kit will be added to the rep vendors next patch, after countless farming attempts.

Guess what I looted doing dailies yesterday?

At least that means I only have to collect enough tokens for my ghost wolf, then I am never going to that damn place again! The Alliance are welcome to it!

At least I did find out that my Guild had been busy earning goodies for me to leech from.

Pics of things other people worked hard for. )

It's PINK!

Aug. 10th, 2012 09:28 pm
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I never even really liked Barbie as a kid, her playsets would get taken over by Ponies and Care Bears while she ended up forgotten under the bed somehow separated from her clothes. So why did I spend an afternoon watching these?

That has got to have been heavily influenced by Toy Story 3. And it is awesome for it! "That's a closet full of handsome."
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Exam result time. A's in Int 2 Maths and English.

I just got my first A's. And one was Maths!

There are not enough goggle eyed mouth dropping smileys in the world!

Just goes to show what you can do when you actually revise. Yes, I am looking at you, teen me!
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So how 'bout that sport?


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