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Not a horrible joke.

What? WHAT?

My initial reaction is one if horror, even if Raymond Briggs has approved and that Guardian article assures that the downbeat, emotionally damaging ending will remain.


At least stills indicate it will still have the same style as the old one, even though it really needs to be seein in motion to be able to judge if it's as good or not.

Though I don't know who they can expect to compete with the REAL Snowman sequel.

It's PINK!

Aug. 10th, 2012 09:28 pm
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I never even really liked Barbie as a kid, her playsets would get taken over by Ponies and Care Bears while she ended up forgotten under the bed somehow separated from her clothes. So why did I spend an afternoon watching these?

That has got to have been heavily influenced by Toy Story 3. And it is awesome for it! "That's a closet full of handsome."
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It's like every cartoon of the 80s had a giant orgy, and then the resulting mess was zapped with synthesizers and rainbows!
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Aw, voice of Rainbow's George and Zippy, Roy Skelton dies. He also used to do the Daleks and Cybermen, but having grown up with Rainbow all I could ever hear was Zippy being really naughty.

Though I can't mention Rainbow without posting this.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this was what I watched during my childhood. Not really. But the ITV children's department had the best office parties. I wonder how many other hilariously rude skits of beloved children's shows were done for the Christmas do.
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As all of Europe says "please don't call in our loans."

Personally I preferred Denmark's, but at least the winner sounded like it came from this century. Yes, UK entry, I am looking at you, though finding out that it was written by Pete Waterman it does suddenly all make sense. Sadly, it is no longer the 1980s. Maybe next year we should just send Rick Astley doing "Never Gonna Give You Up," and at least pull off the worlds biggest Rickroll if we must come last.

It is nice to see that it is possible for an "old Europe" country to still win it. And Germany should put on a good show next year, since they can afford it and all.

Though favorite bit of the night was the Interval thing. Not quite Riverdance, but still a fun, simple idea yet really effective. Even though with the UK pre recorded bit we showed that we couldn't do that right, either.

In other news, I have the writing vertigo again. Stupid brain.


Apr. 29th, 2010 02:44 pm
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Pixar's scarily accurate 80's ad for one of their new Toy Story characters, complete with fuzzy recording and hypnotic jingle.

Now I must go buy one.
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Of all the literal videos on You Tube, the Total Eclipse of the Heart one has to be the best down to the sheer WTFery of that video. Slo mo dove! Big 80s hair! Possessed choir boys!
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It funny looking back at things from childhood, and all the things you missed that seem so obvious now. Take Labyrinth. When I was young it was just "yay muppets". Now it is terrifying. Yeah, you know what picture is under this cut. )

This package related post was brought to you thanks to the latest Nostalgia Chick.


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