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Yes, I caved. But it did mean it ended up in the October break, so it all works out.

The storytelling in MoP is something special. They've managed the epic plot of Vashj'ir without the train tracks (and fraking underwater mechanics). And it is also very very pretty to look at.

Now I just have to try and decide whether to work on my farm or get a dragon. Gear score? What's that?
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It's as if Blizzard were sitting around going 'hmm, what could make WoW even more of a time sink? I know. Pokemon!'

But as it doesn't require the expac to unlock, Pet Battles are providing a nice distraction from not being able to buy Pandaria yet. I used up this months stupid frivolous purchase on that Homestuck thing (SCALEMATES!), so throwing money after a Digital Collectors edition just for a mount and pet will have to wait.

Screw leveling and Pandas. Must catch ALL the pets!

Well poop!

Sep. 3rd, 2012 08:36 pm
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Five years of Warcraft and never getting hacked. Until now.

My poor characters, left in undies and tabards. At least Blizzard are quick to get going once I sent in my ticket. Just running all my scans before applying to get it turned back over to me.

But in good news Digger won the Best Graphic Story Hugo. Yay!
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I cannot emphasize enough how much I hate technology just now. If it's not Blizzard and their fail WoW parches, it's my new graphics card being too good for my old piece of shit monitor.

I feel your pain, FailCat. I just want my computer games the same way you want your cat food! Stupid metaphorical cone of shame!
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Find out the Tol Barad Fox Kit will be added to the rep vendors next patch, after countless farming attempts.

Guess what I looted doing dailies yesterday?

At least that means I only have to collect enough tokens for my ghost wolf, then I am never going to that damn place again! The Alliance are welcome to it!

At least I did find out that my Guild had been busy earning goodies for me to leech from.

Pics of things other people worked hard for. )
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But I got distracted by a mammoth train to Stormwind.


Mammoths )

Not shown is us causing chaos in the Stormwind AH, before getting killed. What does Alliance have against mammoths anyway?
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My graphics card is broken, meaning I can't play my precious time wasting games like WoW.

What turns up in my inbox? Mists of Pandaria Beta invitation.



Apr. 12th, 2012 05:36 pm
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My first ever Alliance taken to the level cap! Course, that means I now have to find something else to do, and with her two gathering professions I've got a whole load of gold to waste.


Meet my new Worgen Priest, shortly before I disabled show helm because damn that heirloom is ugly! I'm going to try something different and level him in the dungeons as a healer. BRB downloading HealBot!
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Yes I did have to grind out the 500 chocolates for this sucker. On the first day. On a high population server.

I need to lie down now.
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This has to be evidence of Alliance bias.


I bet she's a rouge, and spends most of her time ambushing noobs then making Horde alts to taunt them.

Not pictured is Lee, who is off in Goldshire leveling up having rerolled. Again.
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Click for bigger at DA.

Crit chickens are love! (Even though I am cheating on her with a gnome mage just now!)
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It's Female Panda day, which also turns out to be shed-load-of-Mists-of-Pandaria-info day. But the best news has nothing to do with Pandas.

Make me a happy cow-bear-owl! )

Can it be?

Mar. 12th, 2012 08:29 pm
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Have Blizzard given their female Panda curves? Still a bit skinny for a panda, but at least they are taking the Tauren and Dwarf route, ranther than the Draenei and Worgen. My poor neglected Worgen alt, perhaps you would get more play if you didn't look like an evil chihuahua with boobs.
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Cataclysm end game still isn't doing much for me, but because I am locked into the thing all for a year for a silly spikey pony (and not even getting to get into Panda beta!) I might as well make a bazillion more alts. Leveling has always been the best part.

And I might as well take another crack at Alliance, and see if I can get a character over 30. While the Worgen are awesome (werewolves are cool!) I really can't face the railroading that is their early levels again, so...


I keep wanting to gank myself.
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And straight away you are taunting me with dragons. No, I am not buying your gold dragon, I only waste my money on the pets! Stop it!
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WoW is trying to entice me back with pandas! For all the factions!
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So that's where Mulgore Hatchlings come from. They are so cute I couldn't monsoon them to get the green drop. The babies all have names!
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Oh World of Warcraft, trying to get its claws in me by employing children with free pets. Of course it works.

Though one part of the revamped Azeroth children's week quest makes me sad.



Cut for sad and screenshots )

Stupid Garrosh!
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World of Warcraft finally have plans for an Incubus for Warlocks.

My level 30 undead lock wants a shirtless Belf incubus, please.


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