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These are, what, eight year old spoilers? Damn that makes me feel old.

Shells, Underneath, Origin, Time Bomb )
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Or Why Seven Years Later Angel Season 4 Can Still Bite Me!

It's become apparent, as I begin my Angel season 5 rewatch, that I should probably start off by stating why I am only watching it now, or I'll end up going on and on about it instead of talking about the episodes. Well, that's pretty easy:

Season 4. Man, how I hated that season.

Okay, a little more. )

Ok, so that's a little bit more than just a little more.

So why now? Well, the betrayed fannish rage has gone, despite what the above wall o' text may indicate, and I know how things turn out, and that the source of my rage was addressed (though not by choice. Grr writers, what were you thinking wanting to make AtS 100th ep All About Buffy?). I want to see what a distanced perspective would bring.

Two eps in? Woah, the loss of Cordelia is really, really obvious here. That and whoa, James Marsters looks rough. But I'll go into that more later.
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Even Joss Whedon related rage. I have finally put Angel series 5 on my LoveFilm list.

Season 4 can still go fuck itself, however.
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Pinched from [ profile] icedteainthebag.

It's simple-- post 10 unpopular fannish opinions to your LJ. It can be about the work itself, about fic/vids/other fanwork, or fandom in general. The only thing you shouldn't opine about is individuals. Please, no slamming of anyone's opinions, although comments are always welcome.

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