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It's as if Blizzard were sitting around going 'hmm, what could make WoW even more of a time sink? I know. Pokemon!'

But as it doesn't require the expac to unlock, Pet Battles are providing a nice distraction from not being able to buy Pandaria yet. I used up this months stupid frivolous purchase on that Homestuck thing (SCALEMATES!), so throwing money after a Digital Collectors edition just for a mount and pet will have to wait.

Screw leveling and Pandas. Must catch ALL the pets!
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I cannot emphasize enough how much I hate technology just now. If it's not Blizzard and their fail WoW parches, it's my new graphics card being too good for my old piece of shit monitor.

I feel your pain, FailCat. I just want my computer games the same way you want your cat food! Stupid metaphorical cone of shame!
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Find out the Tol Barad Fox Kit will be added to the rep vendors next patch, after countless farming attempts.

Guess what I looted doing dailies yesterday?

At least that means I only have to collect enough tokens for my ghost wolf, then I am never going to that damn place again! The Alliance are welcome to it!

At least I did find out that my Guild had been busy earning goodies for me to leech from.

Pics of things other people worked hard for. )
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But I got distracted by a mammoth train to Stormwind.


Mammoths )

Not shown is us causing chaos in the Stormwind AH, before getting killed. What does Alliance have against mammoths anyway?
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Yes I did have to grind out the 500 chocolates for this sucker. On the first day. On a high population server.

I need to lie down now.
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Cataclysm end game still isn't doing much for me, but because I am locked into the thing all for a year for a silly spikey pony (and not even getting to get into Panda beta!) I might as well make a bazillion more alts. Leveling has always been the best part.

And I might as well take another crack at Alliance, and see if I can get a character over 30. While the Worgen are awesome (werewolves are cool!) I really can't face the railroading that is their early levels again, so...


I keep wanting to gank myself.
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Though I don't know what kind of pet to catch to name Scully.
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After so long just pottering about at level cap in Wrath, I had forgotten how evil and addictive the leveling of the main character is. Ending up in the water level (always a god-damned water level!) is not helping, with its impressive questing storyline that runs through the whole thing. Work on getting one done and when I hand it in a whole lot of new ones open up that need to be done.

At least the water zones are very, very pretty. It's like an aquarium screen saver. Plus, druid swim form is finally useful. Pity it's still so ugly. I want my sea cow, dammit!
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Where's the best place to sit out an apocalypse anyway?

Warning! Warcraft )
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Since Brewfest hates me, I have been turning to fishing on the small chance that I may fish up the Sea Turtle. And look!


At least the Sea Turtles love me. Stupid Kodo!

And that also means...


So now I have to find some other things to do to waste time before the Cataclysm hits.

Memeness. 3. Favourite guest star?

Hmm, Spooks certainly has had it's share of awesome guest actors. On the serious side, got to go with Alexander Siddig. I only ever knew him as the irritatingly adorable Bashir from Star Trek, and here he was as this scruffy, ambiguous Algerian agent, managing to keep the uncertainty about his allegiance without having to resort being dishonest in his performance. And then all becomes perfectly clear with that tragic ending and moment of bravery. Such a shame he was only a one episode character.

But I also have to give special mention to Hugh Laurie chewing the Grid as Harry's MI6 counterpart Jools Siviter. From his careless snarking at Tom to keeping top secret documents in his trousers, practically every line of his is a classic. It's a pity that Hugh Laurie's American success meant that we never got to see any more of him.

30 days of Spooks )
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Second day in, and I get the Brewfast Kodo. Yay! Oh wait, it's on my hunter alt and not my main.

Check it out, this is like my third mount lols.

Noooooo, and I'm only 1 mount from the hundred achievement. I must drown myself in booze!

Oh well, at least I have the ram from the first year of Brewfest...


First day of Direbrew my hunter gets the Ram, today he gets the Kodo. Jammy bastard.
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Retaking the Echo Isles. Also known as OMG SO MUCH LAG!

I'm in there somewhere.

Though the reward should be more than just a cloak and a transformation for having to put up with a large amount of the World of Warcraft userbase in a small area. Yes, you can block the quest giver with your mount and fat ass, good for you!
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Yes, I caved and renewed my subscription, but at least Blizz caved first. And what do I do but go on a bear murder spree. Stupid Cataclysm putting a time limit on getting old world achievements.
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So many WoW Cataclysm spoilers, and as I have no will power I'm having to look at them all. Some of them make me >:(. And some may cause seizures.

But this thread at MMO Champion on the fate of Mankrik makes me happy.

But since the Barrens is being split in two, does that mean double the Chuck Norris jokes?

Edited to add: Why won't Blizzard think of the forum trolls? Blizzard, how is it you can win on one hand and then fail so hard on the other?
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I had to get my decent Gear Score using PUGs, and had to walk uphill both ways in the snow too! But that means I won!


Now what?
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No, I need to draw the line somewhere, and it's bad enough I have the ridiculous vanity pet addiction (oh, and feck you Kael'thas and your refusal to drop the phoenix pet for me!) and got the Lil' XT. Just say no to sparkly ponies!

Instead I will be content to just look at the video.

Sure is sparkly though.
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Though the match making site gets beaten by the sheer awesome of the Equipment Potency EquivalencE Number.

Then I remember we really do have that with Gear Score, which keeps me out of good raids. Then I have to cry.
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Go go Red Proto Drake!

Now its just those Ulduar achievements ones that are taunting me.


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