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2015-07-05 12:36 pm

In Progress

Having been looking through my old personal entries, I realise I really, really need to do a 'where I am now' post. Watch this space.
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2012-12-25 08:47 pm


Poor Livejournal, getting the short end of the "many different task to juggle" stick, and yes I know that is one mangled metaphor. Sadly I am too stuffed with trifle to be able to pick at new Who beyond "yay new titles sequence!" and so can't say much more than Happy Christmas Everybody!

So Happy Christmas Everybody.

(And Livejournal, no I am not switching to the new friends page, stop asking.)
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2012-11-06 05:24 pm
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Pew Pew Pew

Finally they've decided to burn this thing off. Though I still think that kid is too pretty.
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2012-11-01 07:59 pm

Bibliodragon Problems

...and how I'm fighting with myself not to try NaNoWriMo. Yes, yes, I know you want to start writing again, but you're shattered enough as it is without trying to force 1667 words a day. College needs to come first, and if you really want to write do some fanfic.


Oh you shut up now, I see. Stupid brain, I do want to try writing fanfic again!

But that means I still have other pressing problems to consider. Tonight, do I watch 4 smegheads in space or Alan Sugar yelling at teenagers? TV scheduling is very inconsiderate!
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2012-10-30 09:02 am

Damn it LJ

No I will not switch to the new friends page, screw you, stop telling me to!
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2012-10-26 10:08 pm

Since it is Bond day...

It is the perfect time to listen again to the best Bond theme EVER!

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2012-10-25 10:14 pm
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Seeing actual, honest to God positive response to new Red Dwarf on the net is the darnedest thing.

It is quite good, though.
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2012-10-24 06:29 am

The Snowman 2: Melted Boogaloo

Not a horrible joke.

What? WHAT?

My initial reaction is one if horror, even if Raymond Briggs has approved and that Guardian article assures that the downbeat, emotionally damaging ending will remain.


At least stills indicate it will still have the same style as the old one, even though it really needs to be seein in motion to be able to judge if it's as good or not.

Though I don't know who they can expect to compete with the REAL Snowman sequel.

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2012-10-22 10:33 pm
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Oh my God, yes.

I love Barcelona so much. Way back during the 92 Barcelona Olympics, this was on all the goddamn time, and I first fell in love with Freddie Mercury. I was 9, and he was dead a year. (Montserrat Caballé is pretty badass too, of course, but sadly it was harder to find out about opera singers when you only had pre-internet British media for knowledge.)

The orchestra really does lift it. To Itunes!
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2012-10-21 09:20 pm
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Still watching Angel

These are, what, eight year old spoilers? Damn that makes me feel old.

Shells, Underneath, Origin, Time Bomb )
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2012-10-16 07:29 pm
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The Old Grind


Yes, I caved. But it did mean it ended up in the October break, so it all works out.

The storytelling in MoP is something special. They've managed the epic plot of Vashj'ir without the train tracks (and fraking underwater mechanics). And it is also very very pretty to look at.

Now I just have to try and decide whether to work on my farm or get a dragon. Gear score? What's that?
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2012-10-12 11:41 pm
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2012-10-08 09:01 pm
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The Croods

Chris Sanders owns me. The character design of the girl (Eep? Wikipedia says Eep.) so totally came from his saucy deviant art ladies. I am intrigued.

Even if Homestuck has ruined Nic Cage for me. That and the bees.
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2012-10-07 08:24 pm

100 Things No 3: Watership Down (Again)

Because I'll never get 100 posts done if I don't do them! And to segue on nicely from the last one...


In 1999 to much fanfare and celebrity voices, a tv series of Watership Down was made. The film was awesome, but there still was a lot of fodder left in the book, and I was hoping for something akin to the Animals of Farthing Wood, complete with darkness, if not baby mice impaled on thorns or Watership's own bunny coughing blood trapped in a snare.

But wile Farthing Wood was a European collaboration, this one came with help from across the pond, Canada to be exact. And while a similar partnership brought about a pretty good Redwall adaption around the same time, this one was...not as good. But to be fair, it was in the shadow of a bunny snuff film brilliant previous adaptation.

Cut For Bunny Cuteness )

TL:DR, cute bunnies being cute. When not waging war.

Images stolen from Thank U Stars.
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2012-10-04 07:38 am
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Ooo, new RedDwarf is tonight!

Shows how much attention I've been paying to things that aren't college or pandas.

I am cautiously optimistic, but then again I am easy. I liked 7 and 8, and while the special wasn't a laugh a riot I could see what they were doing with it.
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2012-09-29 08:47 pm
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I really should decamp to Tumblr...

It's so much easier to express things with gifs. Even better when you can just reblog them.

Doctor Who was good. Spoilers! )
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2012-09-28 08:07 pm

Gotta Catch 'em All!


It's as if Blizzard were sitting around going 'hmm, what could make WoW even more of a time sink? I know. Pokemon!'

But as it doesn't require the expac to unlock, Pet Battles are providing a nice distraction from not being able to buy Pandaria yet. I used up this months stupid frivolous purchase on that Homestuck thing (SCALEMATES!), so throwing money after a Digital Collectors edition just for a mount and pet will have to wait.

Screw leveling and Pandas. Must catch ALL the pets!
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2012-09-23 09:01 pm

It Gets Better...Well, actually...

Major, MAJOR spoilers for Storm of Swords/upcoming Game of Thrones.

Is is Winds of Winter yet?
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2012-09-22 09:31 pm
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Doctor Who: The Power of Three

While the strongest response I could muster for last weeks Who was at the criminal under use of Ben Browder, this weeks was much better.

Little Cubes )