Oct. 25th, 2012 10:14 pm
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Seeing actual, honest to God positive response to new Red Dwarf on the net is the darnedest thing.

It is quite good, though.
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Shows how much attention I've been paying to things that aren't college or pandas.

I am cautiously optimistic, but then again I am easy. I liked 7 and 8, and while the special wasn't a laugh a riot I could see what they were doing with it.
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Red Dwarf refuses to die, new series on Dave in 2010.

I liked Back to Earth, so that makes me happy.
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Doctor Who )

And more Red Dwarf. It wasn't until that familiar theme tune kicked in that I realised how much I'd missed the guys. Oh, I know they are constantly repeating it on Dave, but with actual brand new Dwarf it was like seeing old friends again. I'll probably do a proper review once the last episodes been shown tomorrow, but in a nut shell I'm enjoying it. Though I should warn people I like series' 7 and 8.
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When I decided to have a play around on the Public Test Realm, I'd forgotten how much of a bitch it was to download. I've not been playing WoW as much as usual, but the Argent Dawn Tournament looks set to suck me back in. It has mounts and vanity pets to get and you get to joust people!

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In other news, the first new Red Dwarf in about ten years is on tonight. Hooray. Now please don't suck.


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