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It's so much easier to express things with gifs. Even better when you can just reblog them.

Doctor Who was good. Spoilers! )
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While the strongest response I could muster for last weeks Who was at the criminal under use of Ben Browder, this weeks was much better.

Little Cubes )
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Here's something interesting. The B roll for the Doctor Who TVM has found it's way onto the YouTubes.


Sep. 8th, 2012 08:46 pm
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That went as well as any episode preceded by the words 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship written by Chris Chibnall' could be expected to go. A few eye-rolling bits, lots of crack, the Doctor did that thing that'll probably cause lots of wank and dinosaurs.

Edited to add: and also bits that were awesome, above makes it sound like I was all down on it. Damn, I am a Doctor Who downer these days. Will sort out which bit was which later, tomorrow probably.
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New Who was...okay. I had some issues that make it sound I was irritated, but mainly? Meh. But I don't think that meh is down to the episode itself, it wasn't as if it was godawful just...meh.

Spoiler of the Daleks )

Next week has dinosaurs on a spaceship. If I'm mehing at that I will have to admit something is wrong with me. Oh wait, Chibnall! Damn it Chibnall.
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Summer weather in March is just wrong!

Anyway, Doctor Who is still not cancelled, yay!

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Official Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic.


Sadly the officiality means it won't just be an excuse for sex. Probably.

(It does remind me it's time to look for River Song/Janeway femslash. For science.)
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So. Community. It got canceled. But I've only watched one dvd, which means still lots to go.

LoveFilm just needs to get a move on and send them to me!
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Writing Department: Heh heh, TOMTIT. Bet no one will be able to beat that for sneaking in innuendo.

Props Department:

Writing Department:...You magnificent bastards!
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Doctor Who movie has director.

Meh, so long as it doesn't screw with the show being aired it can have RPaz as the Doctor and Megan Fox as the companion as far as I care.
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Screw all that ultimate question rubbish, what happened to naked River Song?

It fell vitim to the same thing that stopped Captain Jack's bare arse. Censors!

At least there will always be Moll Flanders.

Doctor Who

Oct. 2nd, 2011 01:04 pm
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The Wedding of River Song )
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Go go marketing synergy! Or is it really part of an evil Cyberplot?
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Can sum up my feelings on the newest ep with the word: oh my God, I am so in love with Alex Kingston!
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I finally noticed that this series of Spooks is going to be the last one. Aw. Even if it does make sense, and making 10 years isn't bad for a British series.

So that means we can have Nicola Walker for new Romana now pls? Get on it, Moffat!


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