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Nov. 6th, 2012 05:24 pm
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Finally they've decided to burn this thing off. Though I still think that kid is too pretty.
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Title: Waking Dreams
Author: [ profile] bibliodragon
Rating: T

For [ profile] ar_drabbles 'let's talk about sex' challenge.

'What time is it?' )
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Title: Stupid Randomness!
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 100

Some Grade School Galactica. [ profile] hobbit_kate is to blame for this!

'Recount!' )
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Title: Never Good Enough
Rating: Gen.
Characters: A/R
Word Count:300

For [ profile] ar_drabbles 'Guess what's coming to dinner' challenge.

Bill had always wanted a daughter. )

WIP Meme

Mar. 31st, 2012 07:15 pm
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Since even including what I've posted only puts this at 6, the seven pages bit has to be put aside. But seven lines down, here are the next seven lines.

BSG WIPness )

Damn it brain, why won't you let me finish! But I did stare at it until I finally managed to peck out a sentence. That's progress, right?
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This has to be evidence of Alliance bias.


I bet she's a rouge, and spends most of her time ambushing noobs then making Horde alts to taunt them.

Not pictured is Lee, who is off in Goldshire leveling up having rerolled. Again.
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So Blood and Chrome is stil a thing.

Baby Adama is still too pretty. And I still want Laura Roslin: Special Teaching Unit.
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Laura Roslin: Queen of the Ponies!

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Finally gotten around to doing [ profile] astreamofstars's prompt from [ profile] bsg_epics Truth or Dare day.

Title: Broken Things
Rating: Gen.
Characters: Laura Roslin
Word Count 100
Spoilers: Pre-series

She begins cleaning the house the day after. )
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Does Bill Adama care that this session is just beginning and him and Laura are only at the beginning of the career ladders and I have forgotten the cheat code for infinite money? No, no he does not.

"I'm on a horse."

More Amazing Horse )
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RPG mode on!

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Not as much as last year. Confounding ponies. But the fan fic bug has been nibbling at me, so next year might be a more productive one. And I have a working copy of Microsoft Word now, so I have no excuse not to get to work on those WIPs. Will 2012 be the year of getting those frakkers finally done?

Drabbles and Ficlets )

Longer Fic )

Work in Progress )
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Friendship is Planetwide Destruction!
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If you had to sum up Gaius Baltar with simple image, say one that could then be drawn onto a My Little Pony's backside, what would it be.

I ask because a friend of mine, yeah, really likes to Ponify everything.
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For [ profile] plaid_slytherin, who wanted Bill and Saul Ponies.


And some cheap crop icons here:
Photobucket Photobucket
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[ profile] dreamaway78 asked for Adama/Roslin - Could it be a continuation of your Grade School Galactica Series?The A/R's more subtext with this one, hope you don't mind.

Title: Field Trip
Rating: Gen
Word Count 100
More Grade School Galactica.

Billy knew you could always judge how successful a Field Trip it had been by how many secret smoke breaks Teacher took. )
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Drabble for [ profile] geekbynight, who asked for Baltar/Ellen, distraction.

Title: Dinner Distraction
Rating: T
Characters: Gaius Baltar, Head Six and Ellen Tigh
Word Count 100

Read more )
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Drabbles continue. [ profile] astreamofstars asked for Laura having a conversation with the hybrid. This will probably show up in Remainder if I can ever get the rest of the damn thing out of my head.

Title: Lost in Translation
Rating: Gen.
Characters: Laura and the Hybrid.
Word Count 200
Words are mine, except where they aren't.

Merrily the little isotope diverges through the winter equinox where shadows turn the two degrees oxygen, stable fusion continue, end of line.” )


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