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Not a horrible joke.

What? WHAT?

My initial reaction is one if horror, even if Raymond Briggs has approved and that Guardian article assures that the downbeat, emotionally damaging ending will remain.


At least stills indicate it will still have the same style as the old one, even though it really needs to be seein in motion to be able to judge if it's as good or not.

Though I don't know who they can expect to compete with the REAL Snowman sequel.

The Croods

Oct. 8th, 2012 09:01 pm
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Chris Sanders owns me. The character design of the girl (Eep? Wikipedia says Eep.) so totally came from his saucy deviant art ladies. I am intrigued.

Even if Homestuck has ruined Nic Cage for me. That and the bees.
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Because I'll never get 100 posts done if I don't do them! And to segue on nicely from the last one...


In 1999 to much fanfare and celebrity voices, a tv series of Watership Down was made. The film was awesome, but there still was a lot of fodder left in the book, and I was hoping for something akin to the Animals of Farthing Wood, complete with darkness, if not baby mice impaled on thorns or Watership's own bunny coughing blood trapped in a snare.

But wile Farthing Wood was a European collaboration, this one came with help from across the pond, Canada to be exact. And while a similar partnership brought about a pretty good Redwall adaption around the same time, this one was...not as good. But to be fair, it was in the shadow of a bunny snuff film brilliant previous adaptation.

Cut For Bunny Cuteness )

TL:DR, cute bunnies being cute. When not waging war.

Images stolen from Thank U Stars.
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Everyone knows animation is just for kids. And so animated bunnies must be doubly for kids, right? Look at that cute dvd cover! Bunnies!

And that's how children everywhere learned to fear rabbits (seriously, I've had pet rabbits, those things can fuck you up!). And yet, it was awesome!

I was a squeamish child, so I had to watch most of this through my fingers until I learned the spots to look away. But I still watched it so many times I could learn when to look away.

There's just something about Watership Down. It's very much the opposite to Disney; many of the characters are hard to tell apart unless you're paying attention, the distinct lack of big cute eyes, the gloomy and subtle yet beautiful watercolor backgrounds, the swearing. I mean, how many movies got a blatant 'PISS OFF!' past the censors?

And yes, the bunny gore.

Cut for 'This got a G rating?' bunny gore )
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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is awesome. (See that finale? Great blatant cash grab to sell wedding playsets, or greatest blatant cash grab to sell wedding playsets?)

But the first thing that caught my attention was that it managed to look awesome. In Flash! From the simplistic stuff made necessary by early dial up internet, I'd always written off flash animation as looking cheap, but the stuff the animators manage to do with it is amazing.

Compare the following two videos and try to believe that they were made using the same program.

Cut for latest FiM and OMGTHEHORROR! )

gbeaudette's analysis videos over on the Tube of You show off the skill and effort that goes into this thing.

The show would have gotten me on the technical achievements alone. The characterization and humour was a lucky bonus.
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Because I always could do with a challenge.

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

My subject will be: 100 animated moments I think are awesome! And it's not going to be just Ponies and Disney, I promise!

Now to get my graphics card fixed so I can get screen capping.
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Looks like Dreamworks is continuing its trend of less pop culture references and more epic awesome. Hugh Jackman as a giant bunny! I was a little disappointed to see it doesn't involve owls with shivs, though.
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By Lauren Faust and starring Azula, Shego and Twlight Sparkle? I'm in.

I have no idea how the characterization stands since I'm not familiar with the comics (go Marvel!) but this does look awesome.
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Of course, no film set in Scotland can go without a kilt joke. But at least the accents are real. Or mostly real anyway, but it's Emma Thompson so that can be forgiven.
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My God that has to be the biggest death count in a Pixar film!

(And yes, it's as much as a cynical cash grab as the trailers would have you believe.)
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Well, since it is Panda day.


The second that shadow puppet style opening started I was really regretting not seeing this in 3D at the cinema. Or at the cinema period. Good thing for dvds!

This way for awesome! )
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Not as good at the original. That one had the focus of being the emperor penguin life cycle told as a coming of age story (with tap dancing penguins) while with this one the story threads are more fragmented.

But it was worth watching for the cute, the 3D, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon as krill who actually manage to be entertaining (and where is the krill slash at?), and a stonking rendition of Under Pressure.

Picky nitpick time: I was disappointed to see Mumble's fluff was still there and had even managed to grow back. At the end of Happy Feet it was off up to his yellow bow tie markings under his chin and a patch on his back, where here it's the same as it was when his adolescent design first showed up. During early screenings there had been reports that he was going to sport a new look, so I can only guess that they did have him looking like an adult and the test audiences didn't like it. God damned test audiences, bad enough they ruined the symbolism of him losing his fluff in the first one!


Dec. 4th, 2011 11:47 am
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Korra intro leaked.

ALL THE SQUEES! My gawd, the animation is gorgeous! WANT WANT WANT!

Why is it not 2012 yet?
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Part 1


Even the strangely American Viking teens are enchanted by the cuteness.

Cut for more spoilers and even more dangerous levels of cuteness )
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Dreamworks can be forgiven for a cynical Holiday cash grab when it's OMGSOOOCUUUTE! So Much Cuteness! Must Cap Cuteness!

Cut for spoilers and cuteness )

Part 2
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Hollywood doing Scotland, always hilarious. At least Pixar don't have us stealing the Scandinavians spotlight like HTTYD did.

Trailer looks bland as hell, but that looks more like bad trailer than bad movie. Animation looks awesome! SO MUCH HAIR!
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It gave me the opportunity to see the Lion King in the cinema for the first time. It only took 17 years!

Well, actually the second, as I saw it in 3D last week, but because Sibling can never arrive on time we got stuck in the first row and spent the whole thing looking up Simba's nose! Place was packed for a 17 year old movie! This time I was on my own so nice and early to get a seat right in the middle for a perfect view. And I got to sit through the end credits without being rushed because someone</i? needs to run outside for a cigarette. It wasn't as busy as the first time, but still quite a crowd.
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It has Johnny Depp as a lizard.

What, you need more than that?

See you on the other side. )
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And we have our first Pixar female protagonist. It only took 12 movies. Sadly not the first female director, as she got fired and replaced.
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I am distracted by the fluffy.

I see the marketing is going "just cute penguins singing" again, so hopefully the actual film will be as surprisingly intense as the first one.


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