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These are, what, eight year old spoilers? Damn that makes me feel old.

Talking about these all in one big lump, because we have arcs again! And night shooting. And shameless shirtless Gunn.

Okay, Illyria. I have many thoughts and issues with this. Okay, I admit, she is quite fun. But really writers, really? Was writing a normal, mostly stable non-super powered woman to hard for you? Still, bright side, at least this way Amy Acker got to stick around. But as Angel mentions, that is the second female character to be body jacked by gods with really skeevey undertones on this show (and it happened to Cordy twice). I would make that emoticon frowny face if I knew how to do it.

It was hilarious how they had to go to huge lengths to tell the audience, no, Fred's really not coming back, no we're totally serious you guys, we destroyed her soul and everything. Yeah, like that would have stuck if they hadn't gotten canceled.

Dark, broody Wes, urgh oh how I am not a fan of that. Don't get me wrong, Alexis Denisof acts the hell out of it, but you can only watch a character get dumped on so many times before it gets boring. I swear they only brought back Connor to undo the mind wipe to shit on him even more. 'So Wes, you've lost the woman you love to a horrible elder demon who is now walking around looking like her, think your life can't suck any worse? Hey, remember that time you betrayed your friends, causing your boss's son to be raised in a horrible hell dimension, so your boss tried to kill you after you got your throat cut? You're welcome!' Though I suppose he doesn't have to wonder where all that character development came from.

Oh yeah, happy adjusted Connor, that was nice. Cleaning up those irritating strands from season fucking four, that was great. God, I hate that season. This and the Cordy thing earlier (and knowing the spoilers long before I actually watched them) went a long way to clearing up the bitterness from that, and so I can watch this without being all "Arg season four, fucking season four, damn you Whedon!' Apart from when I just...did, up there. Fucking season four.

Oh look, Jayne! Lorne's right, he is better than Eve.


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